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rimadyl for dogs

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Some people are more active than others, and when those people have dogs as pets it’s pretty common for the pooch to have some serious pep in their step just like their human does. Most dogs will love to play fetch too, and they’ll run just as fast as they can if you are too. So when a dog that’s always been a great runner and jumper is acting less enthusiastic towards these activities, then it may be because they are getting arthritis. It happens for them the same way it does for us when we get older, and joints start to become stiff and painful. Fortunately Rimadyl for dogs is an effective osteoarthritis medication for dogs.

Some dogs don’t do well when taking pills, so it’s good that you have the option of giving them Rimadyl 100mg as a chewable pain reliever for dogs if they won’t take the tablet. The chewable can also be mixed into dog food, but it’s flavoured to be tasty and we imagine there’s not even one dog out there that won’t happily eat it. You only have to give it to them once or twice a day, and usually within two (2) to three (3) weeks you’ll start seeing how it’s helping your dog be more mobile and freer of pain.

Rimadyl for dogs can also be a prescription pain reliever for pets that are dealing with hip dysplasia. Rottweilers and German shepherds are two popular breeds that are more prone to getting hip dysplasia, but the thing with osteoarthritis is that it can affect any breed of dog and it isn’t always exclusive to older dogs. Reducing arthritis pain for a dog can be challenging, but other similar conditions like hip dysplasia are ones that can be addressed more effectively with physiotherapy for dogs.

How does Rimadyl for dogs work, and what else can dog owners do to help their pet stay limber and just as keen for long walks or fetching balls as they’ve ever been? That’s what we’ll look at here.

Inflammation Interrupter

Arthritis in dogs has the same source as it does for humans, and that’s inflammation. You’re not going to stop the body from producing cytokines and initiating the inflammatory response, but what you can do – and what Rimadyl for dogs does – is slow the response to these cytokines so that less inflammation means less pain and less immobility. Many times the medications prescribed for treating arthritis are NSAID drugs, and Rimadyl is one of them. Duralactin is another good arthritis medication for dogs, and it is a better choice if your dog has arthritis along with chronic pain resulting from an injury to the joint.

Rimadyl for dogs may also be prescribed for temporary pain relief following surgery. But it is still primarily prescribed to treat arthritis in dogs, and the effectiveness of it has been measured based on two very appropriate metrics – how well a dog can climb stairs, and then how well they’re able to get up from laying down position. Arthritic dogs who took Rimadyl for a minimum of 4 months showed an improved ability to go up and down stairs, and were finding it easier to get up after lying down within just 1 month of starting on the medication.

The active medicinal ingredient in Rimadyl 100mg – Carprofen – works very well to slow the inflammation process so that joints are not as inflamed and less pain is experienced.

Boost from Better Nutrition

One thing that makes arthritis worse is having too much sugar in your diet. Now it’s true that dogs never get soda instead of water and you’d never even think of feeding a dog a candy bar, but sugar in dog food is a problem and you will be surprised just how many dog foods and dog treats have sugar in them. Cleaning up your dog’s diet and paying more attention to what’s in their food and treats is a good area to focus on, when also treating them with Rimadyl for dogs, as a 2-prong attack on arthritis.

The next mention has to be for obesity. If a dog is overweight their arthritis is going to be worse, so another dietary tip for treating arthritis in dogs may be to stop feeding your dog so much if he or she is carrying way too much weight because of it. Keeping dogs healthy and fit goes a long way with pretty much every quality of life interest. As for diet changes, here are two tips that can reduce arthritis pain for dogs:

  1. Stop giving your dog fatty meats, as they can aggravate the pain of arthritis. Giving them scraps from a roast or whatever else you might be carving up isn’t a good idea if they have arthritis.
  2. Give your dog some sweet potato (yam) mushed up into their food. The beta carotene in them is known to reduce inflammation.

Perhaps a little more sweet potato and regular use of Rimadyl for dogs will be just the pairing you need to help your pet have less arthritis pain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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