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Canada Drugs Closing! Buy From Canada Drugs Direct

Canada Drugs Closing! Buy From Canada Drugs Direct
Canada Drugs

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1-888-904-8467 Online Pharmacy Closed on July 13, 2018

Purchasing medication isn’t always easy for everyone especially when the prices are too high or going out to get them is inconvenient. That’s why Canada Drugs was considered as a lifesaver by numerous people. It enabled them to purchase medicine online with a guarantee of quality and hassle-free delivery.

With closing, you can still get same affordable, high quality prescription and non prescription drugs here:

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The said online pharmacy, founded back in 2001 by Kris Thorkelson, was the go-to buying spot for many. Thorkelson created Canada Drugs as an efficient response to the ever-increasing costs of much-needed prescription medication.

You might not be familiar with this, but during the late 90's many U.S. citizens would make bus trips to cross the border so that they could purchase medicine at better rates from a Canadian pharmacy. The creation of an online pharmacy, such as Canada Drugs, enabled people to benefit from Canadian prices by ordering online.

All they needed to do now was see if the online pharmacy offered the medicine they needed, pay for it, and wait for it to be safely delivered right to their doorstep. With just a few clicks online, people could get the medical attention they needed without going way over budget.

Due to the impressive customer service and guaranteed medication quality being offered, Canada Drugs quickly grew into a respectable name. Over the years, the pharmacy continued hiring staff out of its head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It also forged connections with licensed international partner pharmacies, filling millions of discount prescription orders.

Canada Drugs, through the decades, offered a lot to its customers. They could get free shipping, hassle-free returns, price guarantees, and even use the referral rewards program. Such incentives were there to appreciate the customers as well as to urge them to continue using Canada Drugs for their medication needs.

It would be right to say that Canada Drugs rightfully became one of the most trusted (and largest) international mail order prescription drug providers in the world. That is why it’s sad to see Canada Drugs closed their operations on July 13, 2018.

Reliable online pharmacies aren’t easy to come by, and we understand why many people might be feeling confused about where to get their prescriptions from moving forward. Can you go ahead and trust another online pharmacy for your needs?

Well, this is where Canada Drugs Direct comes in. Being a safe, certified, and reliable online pharmacy, you can continue purchasing your medication from Canada Drugs Direct and that too at discounted rates.

Canada Drugs Direct is proud of being an organization that will continue the work trusted online pharmacies began decades ago. From a user-friendly website to hassle-free shipping, Canada Drugs Direct delivers on its promise of offering affordable prescription medication without compromise.

So, while Canada Drugs had to close down, you should take heart in the realization that Canada Drugs Direct will be around to serve you. With a wide range of medicine up for purchase, you’ll be assured the best price. Furthermore, each order will be delivered to you safely and on time.

Use coupon code CDCLD2018 at checkout to receive $25 off for new customers.

With Canada Drugs Direct, your privacy, safety, and trust are a priority.

Create your new account by clicking here at and start saving right away. At you can find the same medications, at an even better prices, than you did at has an amazing customer service team of helpful customer representatives available toll-free at 1-888-904-8467. also offers support via email at

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