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Top Priority - Product Safety and Authenticity

Since we began our operations Canada Drugs Direct has always made it our top priority to offer affordable, safe, and authentic medications to customers who take advantage of our online pharmacy.

We are aware of the need to make these customers fully aware about how we ensure there is a quality standard that is adhered to with all prescriptions we fill, and this will also apply to OTC products sold here. We acknowledge this is necessary for our prospective new customers at Canada Drugs Direct too. Given that Rx medications are a consumer product where any level of flexibility with safety is not acceptable, we want our customers to have full assurances.

There is stringent criteria for the affiliated suppliers we will work with, and among those considerations are insistence on proper fulfillment procedures, relevant government approvals and their product pedigree related to working as a supplier for other pharmacies like ours. Be aware as well that we are certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and the International Pharmacy Association of BC, and Canada Drugs Direct is of the highest standing with both those regulatory bodies.

Pharmacies that make the grade here have certain commonalities, and being aware of them may be beneficial for consumers:

  • A physical address in Canada on the website
  • Toll free phone numbers to call and speak to a customer service representative or the Pharmacist
  • Ensuring the pharmacy requires a prescription from a licensed physician
  • Ensuring the pharmacy requires a patient medical history including allergies

The medication we provide when filling your prescription will be the same as you would receive from any local pharmacy. It may be in different packaging, but it is the exact same type of medication in the packaging you receive and you can expect the same quality, purity, and efficacy.

More details about this are on our About Us page.

Please also note that the list of suppliers we work with is a small one, and that the strictness of our vetting criteria means we have only brought on one new supplier in several years now. This is due to our preference for approved suppliers and ones who are well-established pharmaceutical procurement specialists with an awareness of local market realities and having robust supply capabilities.

We only enter affiliate partnerships with pharmacies and international fulfillment centers that meet the Canadian International Pharmacy Association’s stringent safety protocols. Some of these will be located outside of Canada in countries that include, but are not limited, to Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Mauritius.

You can be entirely assured of our commitment to safety and quality as it relates to the products you will receive when you have your prescription filled by Canada Drugs Direct, including OTC meds and healthcare products that don’t require a prescription for purchase. All are sourced from safe and reliable sources at all times, along with ones that allow us to make your medications even more affordable.

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