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About Canada Drugs Direct

The success of Canada Drugs Direct is in the way we’ve helped ever-growing large numbers of Americans have their prescriptions filled online and delivered right to their door with accuracy, promptness, and more affordability. As you’d imagine it’s been very well received by older folks who’d prefer to stay home, but our online pharmacy has become popular with all sorts of different people who like the idea of having their prescriptions filled much more simply.

What puts Canada Drugs Direct at the front of the pack with online pharmacies is our reputation. We aim to dispel any doubts that people have about ordering medication online, and we encourage you to look at the accreditation of our site for that reason. Regulations related to dispensing prescription medications in Canada are very strict, and adherence to them is enforced rigorously. is overseen by the College of Pharmacists in B.C. the same way a traditional storefront pharmacy would be, and all prescriptions are received, reviewed, and filled by licensed pharmacists before being shipped by We’re also a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Welcome to Canada Drugs Direct, where you can expect the same service, professionalism, and trustworthiness that you could with an everyday pharmacy that’s right in your neighborhood.