Best Prescription Acne Medication for Adults

prescription acne medication for adults

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Moonscapes should only be on the moon. Surely you agree, and if you’re not catching my drift it’s acne we’re talking about here. Being young means having the benefit of a youthful appearance, but it’s in your youth when acne is a reality for a lot of people. Unfortunately it’s the cause of a lot of self-consciousness. And that can be just as true for young men and it is for young women. OTC acne creams work well enough for some, but others will want a prescription acne medication for adults so that they can get serious about getting rid of acne. So what is the best prescription acne medication?

Tazorac and Finacea are two of the ones that have received a lot of positive feedback from young people with stubborn acne. Strange to be applying human characteristics to clogged pores but it’s appropriate in that those pimples just refuse to change their ways and go away for good. Maybe we can call it persistent too. But if you’re a person with extremely overactive sebaceous glands you’re not going to care about anything else than just getting rid of acne as quickly and effectively as possible.

These Rx acne medications work well, and there’s other that do too. An effective acne treatment is one that also incorporates a whole lot of proactivity on your part too. If you want to control acne you don’t get to not feel like washing your face with a good anti-oil facial cleanser any night, and if you are using a prescription acne med then you’d best not be forgetting to take it often.

Junk Food Myth?

A prescription acne medication for adults will do their part to clear up acne, but like we said it’s best if you do your part too. For years you’d have older folks or even your doctor telling you that you shouldn’t eat junk food – or eat WAY less of it – if you wanted to avoid acne. But is that actually true? There are many who doubt whether eating junk food actually causes acne. There’s no debating it’s bad for your health in other ways, so even if you’re not suspicious of this you should still eat healthier as often as you can. If you find you can’t give up soda try drinking Zevia instead, it’s actually really tasty and has none of the nasty refined white sugar that regular soda does.

Retin A is another prescription acne medication that’s popular with young people, and what all these acne prevention medications have in common is that they are all Vitamin A derivatives. They work by increasing skin-cell turnover and making it less likely that skin cells are able to stick together and start to form acne. Retin A cream also has skin anti-aging benefits too. Of course by the time you get to the age when you start to get wrinkles your acne will be a distant memory from your youth – for men at least.

Women can also start to get acne during menopause and in those cases it may be possible to get dual benefit from using Retin A cream for acne and wrinkles. It’s interesting that women with menopausal acne get it on their chin and upper lip and not on the cheeks as it most common for teenagers with acne.

Hooray for Lasers

Permanent scarring from acne is possible and that’s why anyone with severe acne will want to know what is the best prescription acne medication. Any of these 3 will probably work very well for you, but your doctor will know best and write a prescription for you. There will be some people who will have a genetic predisposition for severe acne and even if they use a prescription acne medication for adults and follow good skin hygiene practices they’ll still end up with acne scars.

Back in the 80s lasers were only weapons in sci-fi movies, but nowadays actual working lasers have been a huge technological boost for healthcare. Lasers can even be used to remove tattoos, and if there’s another thing people might regret it’s that they had such bad acne in their youth. If you have scars from acne then you can get laser acne scar removal that does an amazing job for reducing acne scars and making skin smoother again.

If you’re young and dealing with acne now then the best way to prevent acne scars in the future is to find the prescription acne medication for adults that works best to minimize your acne. Use a quality facial cleanser that’s formulated to remove oil and you should be good to go with as little acne as possible and less chance of scarring in the future.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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