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Skin Anti-Aging with Retin A Cream

retin a cream

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It’s pretty common for older people to be less enthusiastic when looking in a mirror in comparison to when they were younger. There’s no escaping aging, and no body part has the aging process on display quite like the skin. And while wrinkles on facial skin are most problematic, wrinkled skin can also be a problem on the undersides of upper arms and elsewhere. As both women and men age, they will be more inclined to be bothered by fine lines and wrinkles that begin to appear on their face and Retin A cream is just the solution.

Retin A (Tretinoin) increases skin-cell turnover and reduces the tendency for skin cells to stick together – an integral part of the wrinkle formation process and involved in acne formation. Retin A for wrinkles is the most common reason people want to get this prescription wrinkle cream, and it can serve as a medicated acne cream too. The medication does take a while to take effect, but once it does and you’ve been using it regularly, you’ll see how the texture of your skin has been improved.

One thing that’s helpful to know is skin aging tendencies vary between races, and some people are more prone to wrinkles or acne based on their race. In the same way that a fair-skinned Caucasian person is going to get sunburnt most easily, their chances of getting wrinkles from this type of exposure or others is higher too. Black and Asian people have thicker dermis skin, and the higher levels of collagen because of that means that generally their skin ages less quickly. But those same types of people are more likely to have scarring from acne.

So, what makes Retin A cream such a powerful solution in fighting the signs of skin aging?

Fabulous Formulation

We’re never inclined to get into the science of a solution in our discussions of different medications, and we’ve gone on at length about how ordering medication online from Canada is always a much better choice. Let’s just go over the basics of how Retin A cream works to prevent wrinkles. Keratinocytes are epidermal cells that produce keratin, and Retin-A makes it so that the outer layer of keratinocytes are shed from the skin.

The result is skin fresher, smoother, with more even pigmentation. As epidermal cells begin replicating faster, skin looks and feels softer, more robust, and generally has more of that ‘healthy glow’ to it that women want. Making collagen bundles in the dermis thicken then causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to be reduced over time, and this is the long and short of why Retin A for wrinkles is such a good choice.

As for acne treatment, Retin A can help skin repair and rejuvenate itself and clear acne more quickly, but it will not prevent acne. There are good acne medications that can prevent breakouts and you may want to use one in conjunction with Retin A if you’re looking to both prevent and clear acne breakouts.

Smoother Skin Tips for Fewer Wrinkles

Retina A cream is also commonly used along with microdermabrasion to enhance the appearance of skin, but as is the case with nearly any medication there are choices you can make to increase the results you get from it. Check out these simple tips to prevent wrinkles. All of them are effective, but none of them will be able to do a darn thing when it comes to the #1 cause for wrinkly skin – genetics. Yep, if either of your parents was very wrinkly in their older age then it’s more likely you’ll be the same.

That said, there are things to do and ways you can minimize wrinkles. Applying sun protection is one part of the solution that has a great effect on skin health, as nothing will give you damaged and wrinkled skin more quickly than prolonged exposure to noonday sun without sunscreen or shade keeping the rays off your skin. Some people love to tan, and that’s fine but do be aware that as much as a ‘bronze glow’ looks good – it’s bad for you skin.

Moisturizing is important too, and between both you may find you have less need for Retin A cream for wrinkles when you start moving into those older years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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