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educe the Risk of Cardiovascular Death

how to prevent heart disease

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Becoming an octogenarian means reaching 80 years of age, but life stretches on much longer than that for some. Staying in good overall health and being helpful for your heart are the main keys to such longevity, and the second one is especially important for men. Not to say heart health isn’t important for women, but many more men die from cardiovascular disease and heart failure than women. It’s also true that men more often have lifestyle choices contributing to heart disease risk. Knowing how to prevent heart disease is important and Entresto is an effective heart failure prevention medication.

And of course, living a healthy life to an old age is a priority for a lot of people. This is not only because life continues to be a blast, but because it means being there for their wife, husband, or partner and enjoying as much time with children and grandchildren as possible. But don’t think that only a few old folks are in fact having a blast – many of them are and there’s all sorts of fun activities for seniors. Long story short there’s plenty of reasons why it’s best to make sure you live to the max and enjoying it and the people who are important to you as long as possible.

The natural starting point for how to prevent heart disease is to understand how hard the heart has to work to pump blood throughout the body when the body is much bigger than it should be. A person’s health body weight will have an immediate and long-term connection to how healthy their heart remains. Much like a pack mule who does ALL the packing, your heart is going to wear out if it’s asked to do too much when the body is overweight.

Unfortunately, that’s all too common nowadays with the standard American diet that most people eat in both North American countries, not just the USA. But an understanding of how to prevent heart disease goes much deeper than just health weight concerns, and that’s what we’re going to dig into here with our look at reducing the risk of cardiovascular death.

Pumping Isn’t Easy

That Energizer Bunny may keep on going and going, but it’s got nothing on the human heart and likely doesn’t know much about how to prevent heart disease. Thinking about how many times it beats in a year even is impressive, much less how often it does over the course of a lifetime. It’s perfectly understandable that if a heart is overworked it’s going to lose some of it’s energy and enthusiasm pumping one after another all life long. There’s also a proper rhythm to the pumping, and treating heart arrythmias with a different medication may be needed for the patient who has failing heart health.

There can be something of a vicious circle to this, because a decrease in cardiac output prompts the kidneys to retain water and salt. The water retention leads to other organs becoming congested and this puts ever greater pressure on the heart.

4 Stages

For how to prevent heart disease, it is best to start with an understanding around what are the 4 stages of congestive heart failure. In Stage 1, the individual will have no impediment at all and will be able to engage in physical activity without struggles or loss of breath. Stage 2 is much different and often when the person realizes something is not right with their cardiovascular health. Here they may experience general body weakness, increased heart rate, breath difficulties, or chest pain.

Stage 3 is when those symptoms become more pronounced and physical activity is starting to become quite limited. Entresto and similar heart failure prevention medications are most often utilized here because they are often complementary medications that are added to a heart failure risk treatment regimen started in stage 2 but shown itself to be not effective enough on its own. Angina may be on the radar with how to prevent heart disease too. It may be coming on or becoming worse at this stage.

Stage 4 is when the patient can’t carry on any level of physical activity without being seriously winded and having that breathlessness accompanied. Any discussion of how to prevent heart disease needs to highlight the seriousness of anyone reaching stage 4, because this is when the risk of cardiovascular death is at its highest and congestive heart failure treatment needs to begin if it hasn’t already.

If you need more information on how to prevent heart disease, you can find a lot of information at the American Heart Association. Get yourself in the know, and make sure your ticker is healthy enough to keep on ticking for a long time yet to come.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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