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How to Treat Heart Failure with Lanoxin

lanoxin classification

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When something is expendable it means that while it might be nice if it stuck around, it’s no big deal if you end up seeing it go. Looking at that from a human physiology angle, there’s 2 organs inside that torso of yours that can be deemed expendable. If you’ve ever had appendicitis or a ruptured spleen you probably have a small scar on your tummy reminding you how it’s a good thing you didn’t need those organs. Your heart is an entirely different story, and without it you’re as good as gone. Heart failure is a major health problem, and the Lanoxin classification is as a heart failure prevention medication.

You may not have ever given this much thought, but the heart has a rather demanding task all day everyday with pumping oxygenated blood throughout the entire body. Having a proper heartbeat is essential to that and when a person develops an atrial fibrillation the heart flutters rather than beats at time and not enough blood is pushed out of it with the force it needs to be. With the Lanoxin classification as anti arrhythmic medication it works to correct this issue, but often when cardiac failure is diagnosed it’s the product of genetic predisposition along with years of poor overall health.

However, when looking at it that way it’s a mistake to think that it’s usually going to be significantly overweight people who are going to be most at risk of heart failure. Some people who’ve succumbed to congestive heart failure are the slimmest and trimmest folks you’d have ever seen, and often you’d never have guessed their ticker was going to conk out by looking at them. Fortunately medical technology has come a long way with heart failure, and one of the more promising recent developments is with stem cell treatments for heart failure.

Having an effective heart failure prevention medication like Lanoxin provides some reassurance for people facing the risk of cardiac failure. Multaq is a similar anti arrhythmic medication that will be a better fit for patients also dealing with diabetes.

Super Effective, Somewhat Risky

Most physicians and medical experts will have much to say in support of Lanoxin as reliable heartbeat stabilizer medication. But they’ll then counter that by saying that as effective as it is, there is some risk to introducing Digoxin – the active ingredient in the medication – into the body. Digoxin toxicity is possible, and that’s something that is connected to other drugs with the same constituents as you’ll find with the Lanoxin classification of anti arrhythmic drugs.

You can read all about the Digoxin toxicity symptoms, but one of the ones that is most prominent for people is to feel their heart start to beat way too forcefully. It’s almost as if the Lanoxin heart failure medication is starting to work TOO well. When this is paired with feelings of low energy and lethargy it can be a telltale sign of this condition.

This can make high blood pressure become a part of the picture too, as well as enhancing the harmful effects of hardened arteries (atherosclerosis) and increasing the risk of embolisms as well. But for a person who needs to take the medication for preventing heart failure, what is their alternative? We can also add Angina to the list of those possible complications that might develop from digoxin toxicity and the heart overcompensating.

Antidote for Lanoxin

Digoxin toxicity has nothing to do with the Lanoxin classification or anything of the sort but understanding what can be used as an antidote for Lanoxin is useful information for people who have been prescribed this anti arrythmia medication. And really what we’d refer to as an antidote for Lanoxin is an antidote for digoxin toxicity.

Ok enough introductory talk – what’s the fix for it?

Digoxin Immune Fab is an antibody made up of anti-digoxin immunoglobulin fragments, and it works to counteract the negative effects of Lanoxin and other heartbeat regulating medications. It’s more commonly known by it’s brand name of Digibind, and it’s well named as what it does is bind to those fragments and then escort them out of the ventricles of the heart and remove the risk of digoxin toxicity.

Eating right, maintaining a healthy body weight, managing stress and anxiety and avoiding substance abuse are all additional choices people can make to ensure overall good heart health and reduce the risk of atrial fibrillations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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