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Zetia for Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol

zetia generic

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Taste buds are what allow us to taste the foods we eat, and many times there are foods that are just too delicious and fulfilling for some people to eat them only in moderation. It has also been proven that humans are biologically hardwired to want to consume fats, as in evolutionary times getting as much fat as our human ancestors could was very important to survival. Here’s the thing though; our ancestors that were alive back then were much more physically active than the average human nowadays. Many people have high cholesterol because of what they eat and a sedentary lifestyle, and may need a cholesterol lowering drug like Zetia generic to keep it in check.

Now before we jump all over cholesterol and paint it in a negative light, we should say that some cholesterol is a good thing. In fact, cholesterol is a substance the body requires, as it promotes proper cell development and growth. The problem is that many people – men more than women – get too much of it and it starts to build up on the walls of arteries. Too much build up and the person nears heart attack and stroke risk territory.

The best way to lower cholesterol levels is to make changes to your diet, and do it no matter how difficult those changes may be. Dietary changes might at first be difficult for many people, and it is because their taste buds of theirs are very set in their ways and have learned to have expectations. They might be able to cut back on those fatty foods, but to cut back on them to a great extent just isn’t going to happen. This is when a prescription needs to enter the picture, and Zetia generic is among the best cholesterol lowering medications.

Zetia generic costs less than branded counterparts because it is in a generic medication, but often looked over or forgotten despite it having the same level of efficacy. Medication is often way too pricey in America, and that’s why ordering generic medication online from Canada will make a lot of sense for people who need to treat their high cholesterol levels and plan to take cholesterol-reducing medication on an ongoing basis.

Good vs Bad

Lipitor is probably the most well-known cholesterol regulation drug, but it only focuses on the one sterol. Part of what makes Zetia generic better for some people who also need help to manage their high blood sitosterol and campesterol. In these instances, it is common to prescribe Zetia generic along with another cholesterol-lowering medication to have a broader plan of attack against LDL cholesterol. Before we go further it might be best to mention that there are two types of cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is the ‘good’ cholesterol and LDL cholesterol is the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

To explain briefly what makes one good and the other bad, LDL cholesterol does nothing more than build up in the arteries, but HDL cholesterol works to take other types of cholesterol and move them to the liver. One’s helpful and productive, and the other is nothing of the sort. Unfortunately the fatty foods that so many people crave are good sources for LDL cholesterol more than they are HDL cholesterol and that’s what’s amplifying the problems many people face as they get older and still continue to eat in ways that are riskier as you age.

Add Vision Concerns

Can we pile on LDL cholesterol more and expand further on how it’s harmful? Darn right we can, and likely the most important of all the other risk factors related to LDL cholesterol can be associated with age-related eye diseases. Artery clogging may be what LDL cholesterol is most infamous for, but it can also put your vision in jeopardy. Macular degeneration is something that happens naturally for a lot of people as they get older but having high LDL cholesterol levels can really speed up the process.

When a person has high LDL cholesterol and isn’t using a medication like Zetia generic, the cholesterol doesn’t always end up stopping just at the arteries once they are clogged. It can also build up in the eyes and form deposits called drusen that can make start to worsen your vision slowly but surely. Zetia generic is like many other cholesterol meds in that it is best to pair it with diet changes and increased exercise levels in order to get the maximum benefit from it and doing so will also help defend against macular degeneration because of cholesterol.

Zetia 10mg is very effective for people and ordering the generic of it from Canada Drugs Direct may be ideal to save you and your family money on prescription drugs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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