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What is Ranexa Used For

what is ranexa

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Tight is good if we’re talking about lines and you’re lakeside catching dinner. But if there’s nothing to do with fishing and we’re talking about chests and cardiac health then there is nothing good about tightness at all. Angina is the name of the condition when a person experiences regular tightness in their chest, and the reason it happens is because the muscles of the heart are not getting the blood supply they need. This leads to what is Ranexa, and if you’ve heard of it in any discussion around chest tightness it would be because it is an effective angina treatment medication.

At this point we should mention that there’s stable angina and unstable angina. If your chest tightness is mild and present quite regularly then you’ve got stable angina, and depending on what your doctor says you may not even need to be taking medication for it. But if it is intense, comes and goes, and there are specific triggers like physical exertion then this is when you look at what is Ranexa used for.

It’s most commonly prescribed when a person has, unstable angina and their doctor feels their condition may be a precursor to heart failure or some type of catastrophic cardiac event. No one needs to have the potential severity of that explained to them, and so let’s dig more into what is Ranexa and why quite often it’s the prevention people need from having chest tightness from Angina develop into something much worse.

Ion Interference

Any discussion of what is Ranexa used for should be followed up with a look at how does Ranexa work for treatment of angina. Cell membranes are located all over the body, and inside every organ including the heart. There are different ions in them, and when it comes to the heart’s cell the activity levels for both sodium and calcium ions really factor into how well the heart functions. Ranexa works by interfering with the flow of sodium ions, and less flow means that the calcium ion count drops.

This causes ventricular tension in the heart to be reduced, and the strain from lessened blood flow into the heart is compensated for. It’s a fix, but a cardiologist will tell you that ideally you address the cause of why the heart isn’t getting enough blood. Patients having that talk may also ask how long does unstable angina last, and the general consensus is that if it doesn’t go away within 20 minutes then you likely do need to be discussing how much danger you might be in because of angina.

We’ll conclude here by mentioning one other important point about angina. The whole body relaxes when you sleep, and your heart rate slows during sleep too. If you wake up in the night with chest tightness from angina, then that should be a cause for more concern too because you shouldn’t ever be experiencing that at a time when you’ve been asleep for hours until you woke up with chest tightness. What is Ranexa? It’s an angina treatment medication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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