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what is ozempic

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There is more than a little buzz about Ozempic for people with Type 2 diabetes these days, and you may have seen the commercials on TV that conclude with an upbeat person saying, ‘what is Ozempic?’ A lot of you may have assumed it is diabetic’s insulin, but it’s not. It’s still an injection that lowers blood sugar so that you can get your A1c down below 7%, but a big part of the reason that Ozempic is popular has nothing to do with actual blood glucose level management. Ozempic is not for weight loss, but it does promote more of it compared to other medications taken for Type 2 diabetes.

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Ozempic also has the added advantage of only being taken once a week, and the primary consideration for this medication should be that it lowers blood sugar more effectively. In comparison to Trulicity, another Type 2 diabetes medication, Ozempic produced around a 0.3% greater decrease in blood sugar and was even better than that for lowering blood sugar compared to others like Bydureon, Januvia, and Lantus. A study found that slightly over half of Type 2 diabetics who started at an A1c level between 8 and 8.5% were able to go down below 7 with Ozempic 0.5mg.

So, what is Ozempic used for? It’s used to manage diabetes in an easier way with only one injection a week. It needs to be understood though that this medication may not be what a doctor advises for you, and you may need to inject insulin more frequently. But Ozempic is great for people who can deal with diabetes themselves by taking their medication along with better eating and more physical activity.

Little Trimmer

As mentioned, a lot of the reason there’s so much interest in Ozempic is because it has the promise of helping people get trimmer while they manage their diabetes. Weight gain and diabetes have been going hand in hand for a long time in North America, and whether you like it or not your metabolism slows down as you age. Diabetes in younger people IS more of a problem, but it is usually for people who are over 40. That’s around the age when the metabolism starts to wane and if people are prone to packing on pounds as it is, Type 2 diabetes will make the problem worse.

No doubt there are many thousands of Type 2 diabetics in North America, and many of them will have weight struggles. These are going to be the people asking what is Ozempic, and especially when they learn that Ozempic is popular because it is known to promote weight loss for diabetics, and quite a bit more than other Type 2 diabetes meds. Need proof? The drug manufacturer’s study found adults taking Ozempic lost 12 pounds on average while using it to maintain lower blood sugar.

Better Teeth Too

Ozempic for diabetes may be just the right fit for you, and while it has nothing to do with what is Ozempic there’s other interests that people can be aware of when it comes to keeping Type 2 diabetes in check. Diabetes and dental care is a consideration many people with the disease might not pay much heed to, but they should. Unchecked high blood sugar levels can mean that larger quantities of sugars and starches are providing a bonanza buffet for all the bacteria to go to work creating plaque on your teeth. This isn’t going to be a primary focus with what is Ozempic, but it can be minor one.

In addition to more risk of tooth decay from diabetes it can also cause gum diseases in gingivitis and – even worse – periodontitis. You can also get a dry mouth from diabetes and diabetics who continue to smoke cigarettes are more at risk of gum disease.

Take care of your mouth and all that’s in it if you have Type 2 diabetes. In that way your answer to what is Ozempic can be that it’s a once-a-week diabetes injection that lowers your blood sugar and provides added health benefits *plus* a little more weight loss.

Tougher Ticker Too

We know what Ozempic is used for, and we now also know it can be a part of better dental health too if you have are a diabetic. Women need to be careful about heart health, but men need to be a lot more careful about not being at risk of heart failure, heart attack, or stroke as they get older. Type 2 diabetics that don’t manage their blood sugar well over the course of years will be more likely to have some type of heart incident and a stroke can be devastating if the person doesn’t receive treatment quickly enough.

A lower and healthier body weight is always better for your heart, and when we can add weight loss to what is Ozempic good for along with lowering blood sugar then it does become an even better choice for some people managing Type 2 diabetes.

Did you know you can buy Ozempic from Canada for up to 60% cheaper than US pharmacies? Check Ozempic availability now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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