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Senokot Stool Softener and Laxative

senoko laxative

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For some people all that they need to initiate a successful bowel movement is eating a couple All-Bran muffins and constipation is no longer an issue. Other people might not have it as easy and may need something a little more forceful. All-Bran muffins are delicious, but if you need to put more effort into getting back to regular then a product like the Senokot laxative is a fast and effective all-natural choice for constipation relief. Anyone who is REALLY backed up may need Bisacodyl or Castor Oil. But for everyday intestinal difficulties, then herbal supplements for constipation will be best.

Back to bran muffins for a bit, and how about a recipe. These are cinnamon raisin all bran muffins, and let’s take attention to the first ingredient – cinnamon. The cassia tree is found in warmer parts of the world, and cassia is a type of cinnamon. We won’t go on about the benefits of bran muffins for constipation relief anymore, but our main interest lays in the primary active ingredient of Senokot; cassia, which is what relieves constipation. It’s different from Metamucil and other fibre-containing laxatives, as it’s not relying on psyllium fiber to promote a bowel movement.

Cassia oil also helps with boosting immune system function and improves blood circulation.

Some people find combining Senokot with Metamucil softener and laxative combination to be a good solution to the problem, and they’re both OTC laxatives that you can buy at pretty much any pharmacy or supermarket. Many times, ordering OTC medications online from Canada is the better choice, and especially with a product like this one that doesn’t have a short shelf-life like other options might.

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Most people get around 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night, and anything less than that means they can’t perform at their best the next day. Spending the next day overly gassy because of constipation will certainly leave just about anyone feeling even worse. Senokot will help you prevent that from happening. It is best to take the laxative before bed, and it typically frees you up enough for a bowel movement within about 6 hours or so. That means waking up to a pleasant surprise and feeling a whole lot better as you start your day.

For most people 2 tablets before bed does the trick quite nicely, and here’s another consideration if you’re constipated. There’s some dispute about the benefits of tonic water, but one thing that is not disputable is that if you eat more than a handful of apricots and then drink a can of tonic water you’ll find this is also an effective and natural laxative mixture that will put an end to constipation right quick too. This can be another thing to consider if you can find the above mentioned ingredients but don’t have access to the Senokot laxative or similar.

Regular use of digestive enzymes can help people with chronic constipation or digestive system disorders. Many people have chronic constipation because of dietary concerns and an unwillingness to make small changes to their current diet. If that’s true for you and your diet consists of you eating a lot of fatty foods, then this may be partially the cause of your constipation woes. A product like Creon may be a good choice if you need a prescription digestive enzyme added to your arsenal.

Back Pain Connection

The nice thing about Senokot laxative is that it’s a fast-working all-natural solution, and for most people it’s fully effective for constipation relief. Senokot is a darn good solution too, as there are different complications from untreated constipation. Of all of them the one you probably wouldn’t expect is chronic back pain. Sitting down and straining while doing so for long periods of time can put a lot of pressure of on your spinal discs. When there’s been enough pressure applied for a long period of time, you can end up with discs that are impinging your spinal nerve.

For some people that pain can be immense, and a real drain on day-to-day mobility. And often you wouldn’t even know that your chronic constipation contributed to your aching back. Take Senokot laxative regularly to keep regular with bowel movements, and if that doesn’t cut it then turn to an Rx laxative product like Linzess which is among the many prescribed for IBS treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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