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Quit Smoking Tips, Drugs, and Support

quit smoking

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In the 1980’s, America had a rugged looking and handsome cowboy known as the Marlboro Man. He was prominently featured in ads of the day. The Marlboro Man was of course promoting Marlboro cigarettes, and there was a lot of very strategic advertising and product placements promoting smokes. Fortunately, that’s not tolerated anymore, and if you notice James Bond doesn’t smoke in his movies anymore either. Seems 007 quit smoking, and if you’re struggling to do the same the good news is there’s much more in the way of smoking cessation drugs nowadays too. For example, the Chantix generic medication is one of the smoking cessation options.

In Canada, and to a lesser extent the USA, the federal governments have added heavy taxes to cigarettes to reinforce healthcare against the costs created by people with damaged lungs from long-term smoking. It really is terrible for your health. One of the most harmful chemicals in cigarettes is one called “Red 9” that keeps the cigarette paper burning. If it weren’t there, then cigarettes would not burn all the way through, unless the smoker was dragging on them in quick succession.

The tar in cigarettes fouls up your lungs and increases the risk of emphysema too, and we could go on and on about how smoking cigarettes is awful for you. Unfortunately, it’s easy to start and tough to stop when it comes to smoking, and quitting cold turkey rarely ever works unless the person has unbelievable willpower.

So, even if your willpower isn’t where you wished it was and the physiological addiction to nicotine is strong for you, then there are smoking cessation drugs that work. These medications can help shoulder the load with this mammoth task.

Rebuild Wind

Unfortunately, it’s common for people to start smoking when they’re young and more inclined to make bad choices. Even when you’re into your twenties, the vitality of youth means that you don’t feel the effects of smoking quite as much. You certainly don’t get skin effects as much and you don’t lose your wind the way you do when you continue to smoke into your 30s.

If you quit smoking, then you’ll see and feel how your lungs start to clean out and regenerate and they’ll pay you back for helping them out.

Smoking cessation drugs work well, and you may want to try nicotine gum as another method for successfully weaning off cigarettes. It’s a good idea to try and optimize sleep and minimize stress while you try to quit smoking. That being said, we understand that from time-to-time, stress levels are unavoidable. Another thing is to try and promote your lungs to clean out more thoroughly and getting rid of all the nasty residues. Some people drink mixes containing milk thistle to protect against lung cancer and clean the lungs after they’ve finally quit smoking.

Do it Before 40

If you haven’t entered your 4th decade yet, then here’s another super solid reason to quit smoking asap. Bronchial health experts say that quitting smoking before 40 makes it so that the lungs can fully heal from smoking damage. It is also believed that if you quit by this age, then you’ll be no more at risk of lung cancer or other lung diseases than a person who has never even smoked one cigarette in their entire life. However, even if you’re past 40 you’re going to be doing your lungs and entire body a whole lot of good if you can stop smoking soon.

Chantix generic works by having the active pharma ingredient in it – Varenicline – latch onto receptors in the brain and block the dopamine signal provided when the nicotine is taken in from the cigarette. This helps you crave cigarettes less, and most people find that from there their willpower takes over and they are eventually able to quit smoking. The generic version is less expensive, and you can order generic medication online from Canada.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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