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Lactaid Drops Lactase for Digestion

lactaid drops

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Think about how many times you enjoyed a large bowl or three of cereal as a kid. Now imagine if you couldn’t do that. People who are lactose intolerant would probably want to enjoy cereal, ice cream, and other dairy just like the rest of us, it is just that they simply shouldn’t. They can, but they shouldn’t. What lactose intolerance means is being unable to fully digest the sugar in milk, and if you are lactose intolerant the reason you won’t often consume dairy is because it makes you bloated and gassy. Lactaid drops are a way to manage the condition and still enjoy milk and dairy in very moderate amounts.

So, what is Lactase? It’s an enzymatic drop that enhances the digestive system’s ability to break down lactose and reduce the severity of lactose intolerant symptoms. This dietary enzyme supplement is not a ticket to enjoy as much as you’d like when it comes to dairy. You do still need to limit your intake, but it certainly will allow you to enjoy coffee the way you’d like to or some ice cream. Many people with severe lactose intolerance will go with almond milk in their coffee, and most upscale coffee shops will have almond milk. Almond milk is often used when people are fasting, or are vegetarian or vegan and still want to drink coffee with an additive.

The next best thing about this product is that it couldn’t be any easier to take Lactaid drops. Lactaid has many types of foods and drinks for people who are lactose intolerant, and Lactaid enzyme drops are the one that is the best for people with mild lactose intolerance who like the convenience of the small and portable dropper. In that way it’s ideal for the person who does enjoy meeting friends at the coffee shop for a coffee with cream and sugar and plenty of good conversation.

Farmer to Cornell Grad

Having someone go from being milkman to studying dairy science at prestigious Cornell University is pretty much unheard of. Where we’re going with that is Lactaid has been around more than 45 years allowing people with lactose intolerance to still enjoy dairy. Lactaid was founded Alan Kligerman after he graduated with a degree in dairy science from Cornell University, and his motivation to study what he did was because he was displeased to learn that some people couldn’t enjoy milk.

Lactaid drops and all the other Lactaid products have been available ever since. We mentioned ice cream too, and you might like to know that Lactaid has their own ice cream too and you can probably find it in your local supermarket. Ice cream has been a favorite sweet treat in America for generations, and there are some people who are very thankful to eat lactose/dairy free ice cream. Some of those same people will say as long as there is peanut butter in it, they’re good either way, so long as they have Lactaid drops with them!

Enjoy – In Moderation

Lactaid drops make it so that you can have milk and dairy if you have milder lactose intolerance, but maybe those heaping bowls of cereal we talked about at the intro here won’t be the best idea. Go with a small bowl if you absolutely must have a bowl of Frosted Flakes or whichever one is your favorite. But one of the eating guidelines for lactose intolerance is to try to save milk for meal times because by doing so you slow the digestive process and it becomes more thorough. This works out to less of the bloating, gas, and other lactose intolerance symptoms.

The natural once can be to choose smaller servings. To give you a specific regiment to go by, try not to have 4 ounces at any time. That is easier to measure with milk, but for frozen dairy it shouldn’t be more than two scoops. And again, you may want to consider eating delicious lactose-free ice cream instead! People using Lactaid drops should also consider digestive enzymes of other sorts as some people get added relief this way too.

Late Onset Lactose Intolerance

By the time people leave their teenage years and enter their 20s it’s around that time that life starts getting serious. If you’re like most people at that age you’re at University and your diet probably isn’t the greatest. That’s a part of being young, and most people will back on those years fondly. But will we look back at the way we used to eat fondly? Not so much. Fortunately, you have an optimal metabolism when you’re young because if you ate that way now, you’d be in trouble.

Most people who become Lactose intolerant do so by the time they are 20, but it’s also possible to develop it later in your adult life. If you’ve been bloated, gassy, or have had diarrhea much more often recently you can check these lactose intolerance signs and order Lactaid drops from Canada Drugs Direct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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