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Is Premarin Cream Safe?

is premarin cream safe

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Menopause is a tough stretch of a woman’s life, but there’s no avoiding it. Fortunately, the big dip in hormone levels makes life a bit of a mess only for a short time. Menopause is temporary and it doesn’t last forever but it sure is a trying time. Night sweats, hot flashes, and other menopause symptoms can be really hard to deal with. Other symptoms can cause distress too, and Premarin cream is used for the urogenital symptoms of menopause and it does work well, but is Premarin cream safe?

Some women say they have experienced burning after applying Premarin cream, but this is often because they haven’t applied it properly using the applicator barrel and the cream has gotten onto specific areas of the anatomy in that region of the body. But overall Premarin is considered to be safe for use as a menopause treatment cream and it seems most women only have mild side effects if anything at all

The notable exception to that when discussing is Premarin cream safe is to say that it is less safe if the women using the medication is a cigarette smoker. The heightened risk is in the way that tobacco use increases the chance of stroke, blood clots, hypertension, or heart attacks and when women and men are in their 50s these risk factors are higher as it is. There’s more to safety questions around this, and other women may want to know how long is it safe to use Premarin cream.

Overcome Dryness

Your prescription for Premarin will indicate that you’ll be applying Premarin estrogen cream daily for 3 weeks, and then not applying it for one week. So, there’s your answer to how long is it safe to use Premarin cream. If after 21 days, you don’t have menopause symptom relief from it then you should meet with your doctor again to discuss vaginal dryness problems. But reviews for this medication indicate the cream works effectively within that time for most women.

Is Premarin cream safe? Yes, it is for the most part but you should also be careful with it if you’re a diabetic and there’s also one last mention around is Premarin cream safe. This medication can increase skin sun sensitivity. So, if you’re an avid sunbather, you may want to curtail that activity or at the very least move up to a much higher SPF sunscreen and / or zinc as a complete sunblock.

Using Premarin cream for menopause means you’re more at risk for blotchy, dark skin patches called melasma if you’re not careful about sun exposure. And that applies for tanning beds too. Good idea to give that up for a while, and again especially considering that menopause isn’t permanent. Small consolation though if your menopause symptoms are more severe. Premarin cream can help, and it is a safe medication.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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