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Is Chantix Back on the Market?

is chantix back on the market

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Quite often when a person is struggling to quit smoking, they will tell others that it is not so much the physical urge to smoke as much as it is the way they’ve become habituated to it. They will say that having a cigarette and at certain times of the day or in certain situations is something they are just way too accustomed to and that’s why they can’t quit smoking easily. There can be some truth to that, but a lot of the time that is just what people say when they’re embarrassed about having an addiction. Stop smoking medications can help, and people are now asking is Chantix back on the market?

Or they may be asking when will Chantix be available again, and either way that leads to the question why was this popular smoking cessation medication taken off the market in the first place. Especially considering the number of prescriptions filled for it and how it provided help to stop smoking for so many people. It’s not uncommon for medications to stop being produced or made available, but it is usually because a better product is available and the current medication has by and large been replaced by one that is more effective for people.

That was not the case with Chantix, and this medication has not been topped at all by a better one when it comes to drugs to help with quitting smoking. Anyone wanting to know is Chantix back on the market will be pleased to know that yes, Chantix is now available again and Generic Chantix is one of many drugs that you can pay less for when you order medication online from Canada. Prescription drug prices through the end of 2022 are expected to continue to go up, so if you can order generic Chantix online and get a better price on it that’s exactly what you should do.

Wondering when will Chantix be available again? Read on.

Removal Due to Risk

So why was Chantix unavailable anyways? The manufacturer of the medication was happy to provide it given that it is an effective way to stop smoking, and all the reviews for it were entirely positive. There have been examples of dangerous drug recalls, but the situation with Chantix is different. What happened was that Pfizer, the drug manufacturer, recalled the product because it was determined that long-term ingestion of Varenicline – the active ingredient in the medication that eases nicotine cravingsmight increase cancer risk.

The reason might is emphasized there is because after conducting research into this potential risk it has been proven that there is no immediate risk to patients taking Chantix. So as for the question is Chantix back on the market, this is why – it was taken off as a precaution, and Pfizer was doing the responsible thing in protecting patient safety. But now that it is known that the risk is not what some thought it might be, the medication is again available for people who need to quit smoking.

When will Chantix be available again? It should be available through your local pharmacy right now, but again let us remind you that if you want to order generic Chantix we have it for you right here and we are a Canadian online pharmacy serving US customers. You have your answer to is Chantix back on the market, and you can also know that you don’t need to be concerned about its safety.

Recall Over

The specific issue that was being questioned with Chantix was around the fact that it contains nitrosamines, and it is true that exposure to large amounts of nitrosamines does increase cancer risk. But be aware that they are also found in foods like cured and grilled meat, dairy products, and even vegetables. Provided a person does not consume too much of them they are not any more at risk of developing cancer than a person who avoids them entirely.

The same goes for Chantix, and decision makers agreeing on this is the reason why we can say yes to is Chantix back on the market. Keep in mind as well that generic Chantix will be just as effective for quitting smoking as the branded medication, working the same way to block nicotine from being able to work on dopamine receptors in the brain. Is Chantix available again? It certainly is and barring any unforeseen developments it should be available to consumers for the long foreseeable future. Is Chantix back on the market? Sure is.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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