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Treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease with Asacol

inflammatory bowel disease treatment

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Some of you may have seen the TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’ and after watching it a vast majority of viewers will tell themselves they’d never do anything like that. But they say it with an understanding that someone has got to do it, and maybe have an increased appreciation for those who can stomach nastiness that comes with the job. When it comes to the human body; it’s your gut that has the dirtiest job of them all, and without it, you’d be in a whole lot of trouble. For most people that’s not something they need to concern themselves with, but if you have IBD, then an effective inflammatory bowel disease treatment is a must.

Unfortunately, ulcerative colitis, proctitis, and proctosigmoiditis are common among people these days and for many sufferers it is something that comes on early in life and is extremely problematic right from the get-go. Asacol generic is good choice as an IBD treatment medication with the way it is formulated to counter the inflammation that is at the root of all these inflammatory bowel diseases. These conditions can be degenerative, which means they worsen over time, if not addressed when they onset. This makes a good inflammatory bowel disease treatment a must for anyone experiencing the symptoms of it.

Anyone who has potential diagnosis for IBD will need to learn what a colonoscopy is. Although they might prefer that area of the body be exclusively for exits and not entries, sometimes that’s just how it goes. Especially if doctors are going to be able to assess the situation and determine which irritable bowel disease treatment option is going to be best. The good news is that it’s a procedure that can be wrapped up quickly.

Lialda is also good choice for IBD treatment, and it’s also available in a less expensive equivalent such as Asacol generic. These medications work very similarly, so let’s look at why inflammation is at the root of the problem and how meds like Asacol generic and Lialda work to slow that inflammation process considerably.

Signal Shut Down

The primary problem with any of the different inflammatory bowel diseases, we mentioned above, is that all of them are painful, and tend to be ongoing pain. People will have no choice but to take these medications as part of their ongoing inflammatory bowel disease treatment and it will be one that they’ll be on for the long foreseeable future. These conditions are manageable, but unfortunately there isn’t any cure for them. At least not yet.

The good news is that Crohn’s and Colitis management medications like Asacol Generic, Lialda, and others work in the same ways. That’s by inhibiting certain signaling molecules that that promote the start of inflammation that eventually leads to IBD. With these medications it is prostaglandins and cyclooxygenases that are inhibited and by doing so the inflammatory response doesn’t go full throttle like it would if the person wasn’t taking Asacol generic or another IBD treatment medication.

And aside from pain and discomfort, when that inflammation isn’t countered the intestinal cells don’t have the same ability to absorb nutrients from food too. This means people with IBD may be losing out on nutritional value due to the way your body processes food too.

Better Gut Guidelines

IBD treatment medications like Asacol generic are highly recommended if you are suffering from any one of these conditions, but there are also steps you can take for better overall intestinal health. One of the things that most people won’t think of is to be tested for mercury levels in the blood. Our society has done a much better job of eliminating this very harmful element that was previously more commonplace in everyday life.

If you have IBD it may be good to request to have your mercury levels tested to check and see if you have low-level mercury poisoning that may be making your symptoms worse. The main reason we recommend checking for this is that your mercury levels may be lessening the effectiveness of your inflammatory bowel disease treatment. This is especially relevant if you are an older person who would have been around in the 80s and earlier when mercury was much more common (a great example of this is Mercurochrome, an antiseptic that contained mercury and was banned by the US FDA nearly 30 years ago). It may also be contributing to other digestive system diseases.

Mold toxins can also make IBD worse, which is something to consider if you’ve been exposed to mold spores either at home or at your workplace. Finally, stress can make IBD worse too and although it’s very difficult for a lot of us to avoid stress entirely, but it is a good idea to try to reduce environmental stressors as an aid towards your ongoing attempts to reduce and manage inflammatory bowel disease treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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