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The Female Viagra? How to Get Addyi

female Viagra how to get Addyi

If there’s one drug that’s been received as enthusiastically as possible in recent memory, it has to be Viagra. While it’s great that men have a drug to improve their sex life, what about the members of the fairer sex that also need to have a healthy sex life and a sufficiently strong sex drive to make all of that happen in the first place?

Sex is just as important for women as it is for men, and there’s plenty of evolutionary science to back that up. Addyi is a new sex drive drug for women, and it may be just what’s needed for restoring sex drive for women. So if that sounds good, the question then becomes how to get Addyi.

So while Viagra is definitely deserving of the pharma limelight these days, it may soon have to share the bright lights as Addyi is already being heralded as the ‘Female Viagra’. Now we can be certain that there wouldn’t be such high praise hyped on any such sexual desire drug for women if there weren’t already a whole lot of women who’ve had it improve their sex drive and desire to be intimate with their partner.

The last part of that there is important, as the ‘little pink pill’ – as Addyi is also called – can benefit women who are single and experiencing less sexual desire in the same way it can improve sex drive for women who are in long term, committed marriages or relationship. Independent of how to get Addyi, every woman should be able to enjoy sex and have the compulsion to seek that physical and spiritual gratification for themselves.

Fortunately, that’s just what the Addyi pill is capable or recreating for women who’ve lost much of what used to come so naturally to them. If you never had problems with low sexual desire in the past but still find yourself attracted to your partner or potential partner, you are going to want to know how to get Addyi.

Libido Lifter

Most of you will already be familiar with that term, but for those who aren’t Libido means sex drive. Most people have no problems with their libido when their young and in the prime of their life, but that fire may not burn as hot as it once did at some point. Ways to increase libido for women have been discussed for generations, but it’s only recently with a product like Addyi that there may be a fast-acting way to improve a woman’s sex drive and libido.

Before getting to exactly how to get Addyi, let’s look at an important consideration.

One of the things you’ll need to understand before discussing a prescription for Addyi with your pharmacist is that this is not a medication that will restore sex drive if you have problems with sex drive in the past or have always had little to no sex drive. If your libido issues are related to mental health concerns or life experiences, then you will work with a different health professional rather than finding out where to buy Addyi.

But if you’re trying to get back something that was definitely once a part of you, then Addyi may be the ideal libido increasing medication for women. And the fact that it starts to work fast is definitely appreciated by those who start on this drug for restoring sexuality for women. For some they start seeing results in as soon as 4 weeks.

Even if it doesn’t ‘kick in’ that fast, you can still trust that Addyi will eventually:

  • Increase sexual desire for women
  • Increases satisfaction with intimacy
  • Reduced distress associated with low sexual desire in women

So how to get Addyi? Well, like any prescription med it starts with a visit to your doctor, and he or she will begin by asking questions about why you feel you don’t have the same interest in sex that you used to. This is an FDA-approved sexual desire medication for women.

Brand New You

This medication really has the potential to be life transforming for those who want to rediscover their sexuality and find ways to improve sex drive for women. Addyi makes that possible by rebalancing specific neurotransmitters in your brain, specifically serotonin and dopamine. When these transmitters are present in the right quantity in your brain then your sexually is most naturally oriented and promoted too.

How to get Addyi is one thing, but it’s always good to understand the workings of any medication you’re eager to try out. All of this is related to how neurobiology is closed related to women’s levels of sexual desire, and the connection is very clearly seen.

Once you understand that this isn’t about you mentally or spiritually as much as it is about your physical nature and body composition, it’s then easier to move forward and look into a medication for improving a woman’s sexual desire. Chances are that search is going to have you making that Dr.’s appointment and asking more on how to get Addyi.

If you can relate to low libido and are looking for a medication to increase sex drive for women then Addyi may be just what you’re looking for. Ordering medication online from Canada is always a good idea, and that may be where you want to start your search for how to get Addyi.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.