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Arresting Dog Arthritis – Generic Rimadyl Chewable

generic rimadyl chewable

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It’s well understood that a dog ages approximately 7 years for each year that a human only gets one year older. That means that your dog is well into middle age by the time it’s seven years old, and it’s around this time that dogs often start to show the first signs of arthritis in their joints. Unfortunately it’s as common for pets as it is for humans, and it’s more common in pets that are overweight and not active enough in the same way it often works for us. Dog owners care, and that’s why they’ll always try to help out their furry friend with an effective dog arthritis medication like generic Rimadyl chewable.

If a dog experiences arthritis, it’s typically in the load-bearing joints of the hips, front legs, or clavicles at the top of the front legs. You’ll see them start to be very slow and deliberate in their movements here, and it will become increasingly clear that they’re in some discomfort. Having this debilitation in the hips is the most problematic location for a dog, and there are some breeds of dogs that are more likely to develop arthritis.

It will be very beneficial if owners of these breeds of dogs are aware from their pet’s early age and work to prevent arthritis before any discussion of dog arthritis medications like generic Rimadyl chewable enters the picture.

At the root of all arthritis is inflammation, and just in the same way as it is for humans there’s no way to stop the body from initiating the inflammation response. What can be done is to reduce the severity of that response and limit the amount of arthritis pain your pet experiences. There are several good dog arthritis medications available, but if Rimadyl is what your veterinarian thinks is the best fit then generic Rimadyl chewable may be the right option if branded medication is too expensive for you.

Why Do Dogs Get Arthritis?

Rimadyl is also known by its clinical name, Carprofen, and a Carprofen 100mg chewable is often very effective for preventing arthritis in dogs. But how about starting at the beginning, and asking why do dogs get arthritis as a means of helping pet owners be proactive about preventing it. The most common type of arthritis for dogs is osteoarthritis, and it’s the one that’s also the most difficult to prevent because if an animal is predisposed to have poor bone health as they age, then pet osteoarthritis may in large part be inevitable.

Fortunately, a generic Rimadyl chewable tablet is often very effective as medication for dog osteoarthritis. While it won’t ‘fix’ the condition, it will make their pain and stiffness more manageable and allow them to retain more of their mobility. For other types of dog diabetes, risk factors are diabetes, obesity, Cushing’s disease, or having a traumatic joint injury in younger years and then it becomes arthritic. Dogs that work as service animals sometimes have more of a chance of developing osteoarthritis.

Many people believe in natural arthritis supplements like glucosamine sulfate for themselves, and are interested in one for their dog as well as having the option of pairing it with a generic Rimadyl chewable. A lot of the dietary guidelines for reducing inflammation that apply for humans will apply to dogs the same way. There are plenty of wet dog foods that are mostly fish, and some dog owners will buy dried beet chips and crunch them up into their dog’s food to get the anti-inflammatory benefits of beets.

Great Arthritis Relief Supplement for Dogs

So how about a supplement that strengthens bones along with muscles and connective tissues, prevents injuries, and reduces pain, inflammation, and spasms to go along with the prescription dog arthritis medication your veterinarian suggests for you?

GooglePurica” and you’ll find a company that makes some of the highest quality natural health supplements in all of North America. Their Recovery for Pets capsules are an excellent choice if you want to enhance the effectiveness of your generic Rimadyl chewable, and if you then put some of the dietary tips for reducing dog arthritis into practice too you’ll be doing as well as can be expected from a caring and loving dog owner.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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