Epilyt Lotion for Dry Skin

epilyt lotion concentrate

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Dry skin is a nuisance in general, but it becomes more of one when you have dry skin on your upper back. That’s one of the locations it can occur and the only place on your body where you can’t easily scratch an itch. Nothing that can be done about that if you have two normal arms but one of the things you can do to treat dry skin is use an emollient moisturizer like Epilyt lotion concentrate. The key is applying it regularly – if you’re not consistent with applying it you won’t get the same relief from dry skin. So even if that means getting someone to put lotion on your back, you have to do it.

But the good thing is that nowadays there are back lotion applicators that make it so that you can apply an effective dry skin lotion by yourself. They’re really useful for putting sunscreen on too. If you’ve ever seen video of a bear giving itself a back scratch against a tree trunk it makes you think about the history of the back scratcher and just how many of these tools there are all around the world for that one simple reason – you can’t scratch your own back, and putting sunscreen on your back by yourself is pretty much impossible too.

Epilyt lotion for dry skin works well, and one of the ingredients in it is glycerin, a natural humectant (moisture retainer) found in the skin. Epilyt works to replenish the body’s supply for people who are prone to getting dry skin, and with consistent regular application it will soothe dry skin and make irritated skin less itchy. You can buy Epilyt lotion without a prescription as the use of propylene glycol is not restricted, and it’s been a popular OTC medicated skin moisturizer for decades.

Look Out for Your Shins

Your skin is more likely to become dry in certain areas when you get older, and sometimes in certain environments. One thing that is common is to get dry skin on your shins during wintertime, and especially if you live somewhere central in North America where you have an arid winter cold. Shins are one spot where you have to apply something like Epilyt lotion concentrate early and often or skin may begin to scale.

Shins are also where dry skin caused by atopic dermatitis occurs, and some people with severe eczema will need to a prescription skin cream to treat it. For others with more mild eczema, Epilyt lotion concentrate is a very effective moisturizer for eczema on shins or anywhere else on the body. Elbows are another spot where it can be particularly bad.

Getting back to winter, dry skin has as much to do with the lack of humidity but if we’re talking about dry skin from cold then you have to wonder what it’s like for Russians who live in Oymyakon, the Far East Siberian city that’s known to be the coldest town on earth. There’s only about 900 people that live there year round, but if anyone knows anything about skin in extreme cold it has to be those folks. It’s a dry climate there too, and there’s apparently only one store. I guess we have to assume that’s the drug store too, and so if they have Epilyt lotion concentrate or something similar it’s probably a popular product.

Bag balm ointment is also a good emollient moisturizer for good skin you can order from this pharmacy in Canada. It gets pretty darn cold in Yellowknife, but they’ve got nothing on Oymyakon.

Exfoliate Too

Exfoliating skin is also a good way to prevent dry skin in the wintertime, and doing so before you apply Epilyt concentrate may even better results when treating dry skin. It’s even more important to do it if you are frequently in air-conditioned warm indoor spaces as the conditioned air dries you skin out the same way it does in air-conditioned spaces in the summer. Always make sure you wear sunscreen on exposed skin during sunny winter days too.

We’ll wrap things up here with one suggestion that you might want to think about too if you have chronic dry skin and use a product like Epilyt lotion concentrate. If you ever have a chance to take a mud bath – take it! Propylene glycol in Epilyt is anti keratolytic, meaning it removes dead and flaky skin. Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral, and most well known for the smell of a lit match. Sulfur is an anti keratolytic too so you can get dry skin relief benefits from wallowing in the warm mud. Apparently it’s really enjoyable.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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