Does Vaseline Help Dry Skin?

does vaseline help dry skin

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Mention the word petroleum and most people will immediately make the connection to an internal combustion engine. They do call gas ‘petrol’ in the UK, and perhaps it’s even a more fitting word for the fuel. But making your motor vehicle go is far from the only way in which petroleum is used. If you’ve ever applied Vaseline to your skin then you may not have been aware that it is petroleum jelly you’re getting those index and middle fingers into. But does Vaseline help dry skin?

It can provide dry skin relief, but a petroleum jelly is never going to be the best choice for moisturizing facial skin or anywhere else on the body. Vaseline is like all others in that it is an occlusive substance. That’s going to be obscure terminology for most people, but not to worry as we planned on providing a definition anyways. Does Vaseline help dry skin? Yes, but it doesn’t so much provide moisture to the skin as much as it seals in existing moisture by creating more of a barrier.

So can Vaseline help with dry skin? It can, but it is really more of a temporary fix and if you’re skin isn’t well moisturized to begin with then there’s not going to be much hydration to be locked into the skin as it is. Using a product like Epilyt Lotion for dry skin is likely going to be a much better choice if intense re moisturizing of the skin is what’s needed. That’s covers most of does Vaseline help with dry skin. It does, but it lags far behind a lot of other OTC products as a moisturizer.

Night Layers

Some men may wear makeup, and it may even be more common today than it’s ever been before. But for most of them a liner is something you put down in the bed of your truck, and foundation is what’s laid down first when you’re building a home. Fair enough, but anyone who wears makeup knows it needs to come off at night. Continuing with does Vaseline help dry skin, dermatologists will say that if you’re going to use it to better moisturize skin then it’s best to put it on before bed after removing makeup.

This will lock in skin’s moisture at a time when it’s free from anything unnatural and the skin is primed for moisture occlusion. Evaluating does Vaseline help dry skin, we can now see that it serves as more of dry skin prevention product rather than a deep moisturizer. It will keep your skin from losing moisturizer, but it won’t be replenishing moisture stores in the skin like a dedicated moisturizer is going to do.

Vaseline is best used to prevent chafed skin. That’s because in much the same way motor oil lubricates those ICE engines we talked about earlier, it also provides long-lasting friction reduction. This is why you’ll see long distance runners applying it between their legs and under their arms on their side depending on what type of garments they’re wearing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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