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Can You Cut Jardiance Pills in Half

Can You Cut Jardiance Pills in Half

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It is important to take your medication exactly as indicated in your prescription, and sometimes that means a half tablet instead of a full one. When that is common the manufacturer usually makes the tablet so that you can easily ‘snap’ it in two. For some medications though it will not have that easy-split line across the tablet. This leads us to pill cutters, and a part of the reason these convenient tools have become so popular these days is a growing number of men now believe that cutting pills is an effective way to meet women. A Type 2 diabetic may scoff at that, but they may wonder can you cut Jardiance in half?

Jardiance comes in 10mg and 25mg strength tablets, and there may be instances when you need more than the 10mg strength but 25 would be far too much for your blood sugar control. It may be that your doctor recommends splitting a 25mg tablet, and if that is what they advise then the answer to can you cut Jardiance in half is that yes, you can and using a pill cutter is an excellent way to snap them in half cleanly and uniformly every time. Some people may take closeup pics of their precisely cut pills and put them on Instagram hoping to get as many likes as possible.

In all serious though there is not much more to say about can you cut Jardiance in half. You will be aiming to get your A1C blood sugar score down to 7% or lower, and your doctor will have made very clear just how important that is for you. You will be taking the medication exactly as directed, and if that means cutting your Jardiance pills in half then go ahead and do that. And if you would like a pill cutter but don’t have one you can split scored pills evenly with a knife on a cutting board.

Slim Chance of Slim Down

Continuing with this look at can you cut Jardiance in half, some of the would-be cutters reading this may be keen to experience some weight loss from Jardiance to go along with their improved blood sugar control. This will not necessarily be exclusive to women either, as there are plenty of men taking Ozempic for weight loss and so it makes sense that there will be wondering if Jardiance can do the same thing as a Type 2 diabetes blood glucose control medication. The active ingredient in Ozempic is Semaglutide, while for Jardiance it is empagliflozin.

There are some similarities between the two in their constituency, but Jardiance is not going to promote weight loss the same way and you should not fill your prescription expecting to get off-label use benefits from it. That will have nothing to do with can you cut Jardiance in half, but we will wrap things up with this entry by saying you can and should cut your pills in half if that is what you are told to do in your prescription.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for your pet. See your veterinarian for medical advice and treatment for your pet if you have any concerns.

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