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Is It Common for Americans to Buy Medication Online?

buy medication online

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Some people are wealthy to the point that how much something costs is rarely if ever an issue for them. Must be nice, but the reality is the vast majority of people don’t have a ‘fat’ wallet in the same way and there’s going to be plenty of times when whatever it is has a price tag attached to it that’s WAY too high. Now granted Rx medications don’t ever have price tags attached to them, and you don’t have the luxury of getting behind the pharmacist’s counter to browse through them. But for Americans who struggle to afford their drugs the best solution is to buy medication online from a Canadian pharmacy.

There’s a pair of primary advantages that allow online Canadian pharmacies to offer Americans more affordable medications. The first one is that Rx drugs cost less in Canada, and there’s one reason for that which stands out from all others; while in American you’ve got monopoly pricing for pharma manufacturer’s keeping drug prices high, in Canada you’ve got price capping. Long story short, the drug makers are prevented from selling them as high as they’re allowed to in America.

The next advantage is much more simplistic – It just so happens that we’re next-door neighbours here in North America and Canada and the USA have a long history of helping each other out. Is it common for Americans to buy medication online? It certainly is, and it’s increasingly online pharmacies in Canada that are the clear best choice for anyone who needs to pay less for prescription drugs.

Needs, not Wants

We emphasize the word needs there because it’s true that there are many Americans who:

  1. Take medications on an ongoing basis, and in many instances will be doing so permanently
  2. Are going to be at risk of major health failures if they go without that medication

Among examples of these types of people are those taking medication for high blood pressure, or to lower cholesterol. Diabetics can’t go without insulin, and all the thousands and thousands of Americans with hypothyroidism who would be in a bad way very quickly if they decided they weren’t going to get prescriptions for Synthroid filled any longer.

You get the idea. These people absolutely must take their medication, and prescriptions must be filled. But for many that can’t cost too much, and especially so if it’s a prescription you’re filling every month. Plus all the folks who take a medication that is no longer covered with recent changes to Medicare Part D coverage and don’t have any type of employer extended health coverage are also likely to buy medication online now.

There’s going to be even more of a need for options in the future too, and one that has been nice to see is how many adults are helping pensioner parents on fixed incomes become familiar with how to buy medication online if they’re not as computer-savvy as the rest of us. However, placing your medication order online isn’t the only way you can order from Canada Drugs Direct if you’re an older person who is most comfortable placing orders over the phone.

Consider a Generic

Choosing to get a prescription filled in Canada can be the affordable way to go, but here’s a suggestion if want to get an even better price when you buy medication online. You will need to have your doctor write you a proper prescription, and you’ll need to submit that prescription to the online pharmacy in Canada the same you’d need to hand it to the pharmacist at your local pharmacy.

Once you’ve done that you may have the option of buying either branded medication, or generic medication. If you’re not familiar with generics, they are versions of the same medication but don’t have the brand name or brand packaging. It’s the exact same medication though – same formulation, same quality level, same purity and safety. It is just that the generic medication will cost less, and so if there is a generic equivalent of your drug at the pharmacy you can save even more money when filling prescriptions if yours can be used for the generic drug equivalent.

Here’s more on the differences between branded and generic medications, and many times if the generic med can be purchased in a higher quantity then the potential savings are even better. For example, Warfarin is a drug taken by thousands of Americans as a blood thinner that is absolutely essential for many after recovering from heart failure or cardiac arrest. Users will be taking it long-term, and when you buy medication online this drug is one of many that is expensive in America but can be purchased as a generic from our Canadian online pharmacy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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