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Best Nicotine Gum for Cigarette Withdrawal

best nicotine gum

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Young people nowadays are fortunate that they’re not exposed to the same amount of advertising for cigarettes and tobacco products that many of us were exposed to when we were younger. It’s not that advertisements for cigarettes don’t exist anymore, but that they’re not nearly as prevalent as they were in the later part of the 20th century. Many people who have struggled to quit smoking before and eventually kicking the habit might now be wishing that smoking hadn’t been made to look so appealing in their youth. But it is what it is. Quitting cold turkey rarely ever works, but smoking cessation aids can really help. So, what’s the best nicotine gum?

Nicorette is the most obvious answer for the best nicotine gum, and that’s because it is a proven effective stop smoking aid. It’s been well established that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and that’s why it is so hard to quit smoking. Many physicians and other health care experts will agree that weaning yourself off of it is the best way to eventually quit smoking, and that’s what Nicorette gum 4mg is designed exactly to do. It will give you just enough nicotine so that your withdrawal symptoms – aka a ‘nic fit’ as the expression goes – aren’t nearly as severe.

The person then takes less of them over time, and eventually they’re able to quit smoking entirely because the cravings are no longer anywhere as bad as before they started with the best nicotine gum. All of which is important, because the connection between smoking tobacco and lung disease, cancer, and emphysema are very concrete. It’s been said that if you quit smoking before you turn 40 you have a chance for your lungs to recover to be as healthy as an individual that has lived their life as a non-smoker - provided you never pick the habit back up again. Additionally, the lungs’ ability to repair damage done after quitting smoking is really impressive.

Let’s look at smoking cessation and Nicorette as the best nicotine gum in greater detail here. You may have made the decision to start smoking, but the sooner you can quit you’ll have the chance of returning to good pulmonary health.

Nasty Stuff

Nicotine can be nasty stuff, but it’s not the nicotine itself that damages the lungs of smokers so badly, it’s the tar in cigarettes, along with all the other carcinogens within them. You wouldn’t willingly swig back ammonia from a janitor’s closet, but that’s just one of the chemicals you’re willingly ingesting every time you light up a cigarette. So, it’s not just the nicotine content that’s nasty. The nicotine is what creates the addiction, however, and is what leads individuals toward continuing to light up, even though they know it’s harmful to their health.

Getting started on the best nicotine gum is a good idea if you’ve found quitting to be too tough on your first attempt at it. Many people find it is effective when stopping their smoking habit, and especially when pairing the gum with plenty of willpower and a firm resolution to quit smoking. If the challenge is still too much for you, a prescription medication to help stop smoking like Chantix (Varenicline) may be more of what’s needed to help you overcome the habit.

Save Face Too

Sure, some people may find it embarrassing that they continue to smoke even though they know it’s terrible for them and that quitting would mean they won’t feel that way anymore. But that’s not at all what we mean when we say you might be saving your face by quitting smoking permanently with the best nicotine gum. Unfortunately, years of smoking are displayed on the faces of people who’ve been unable to break their nicotine addiction. Using Nicorette 4mg gum isn’t a guarantee to quitting but considering you don’t need a prescription to buy Nicorette, it is a good starting point.

Read through the list of all the detrimental effects on facial skin from smoking and you may well be that much more inclined to find a way to quit smoking. Young people may not even notice these effects given their youth and the high levels of collagen, along with a faster metabolism that comes with it. But eventually the natural resiliency comes to an end. If you’re still smoking, then when you get to that point it may come as a shock that your appearance has the look of increased aging than it should.

Appearance can and should be a concern, but the primary one should of course be your overall health and being your best and healthiest self for yourself and family well into your old age. While some of signs of aging are inevitable, based on your genetic makeup, it is possible to prevent cancer. And with lung cancer, choosing to not smoke cigarettes will eliminate one of the most primary risk factors.

Stop smoking now and nip that habit in the bud with the best nicotine gum to reduce cravings for cigarettes. Not only will your lungs appreciate it a whole lot, but your skin will too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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