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The capital of USA, Washington DC, is known for its hot and sunny weather and freezing cold winters. With temperatures going as low as -18 Fahrenheit, residents of the city are bound to fall ill! Thus, you’ll find a local pharmacy or a small drug store in almost every street, with each one boasting about being better than the others.

The truth is, making the trip to a local pharmacy is a big hassle and can be quite inconvenient too. For instance, you might not get time off from work to make a trip to the store, or you might have to stand in a long line while you are in pain or while you have a crying baby in your arms. The list of problems of visiting a local pharmacy DC is endless which is why Canada Drugs Direct is a better option.

Instead of going to a local pharmacy Washington DC, residents of the city will be better off with choosing Canada Drugs Direct. You simply need to visit the website, whether you are at home or in the office, choose the drugs you need, and then they will be shipped to your place. This way, you don’t need to owe someone by asking him or her to do it, and you also don’t need to spend your energy on something that you can do from your house.

125% Price Match Guarantee

Pharmacy Boston - Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest price on all of our prescription products. If you find your medications cheaper at any other recognized licensed mail order pharmacy, we will not only match their price, we will beat it by 25% of the difference. It is our 125% price match guarantee! Check our customer care policy for full details.

Why is Canada Drugs Direct the Better Choice?

If you are hesitant about choosing Canada Drugs Direct for your medicinal refills instead of a local pharmacy Washington DC, then the following is a comparison of why the online pharmacy Washington is better.

Apart from the possibility of having to wait in long lines or not having the time to go to the store, there are many other problems with local pharmacies too. When going to a local pharmacy DC, there is a chance that you might not get the medicine you want as the pharmacy might be out of stock. Similarly, there is also a chance that you might have to face a rude customer service representative, thus making it difficult for you to order the prescriptions you want. Furthermore, they might even charge you extra for the shipping costs.

On the other hand, with Canada Drugs Direct, you can easily find cheap drugs online. Moreover, you can get hassle-free shipping along with friendly customer service that will help you order the drugs you want without a problem. You can order the medicines any day of the week as the website is functional throughout the week and the user-friendly website ensures that you place your order in just a few minutes.

With an online pharmacy Washington, you can enjoy discounts throughout the year. Perhaps the greatest advantage of choosing Canada Drugs Direct over local pharmacies is the difference in prices. The medicines available at local pharmacies are way more expensive than the price offered at Canada Drugs Direct. Following is a comparison of the prices of some of the popular medicines.

All in all, Canada Drugs Direct caters to customers across America. It is ideal for those that have a certain disability or need someone else to make the trip to the pharmacy for them. By visiting the official website of Canada Drugs Direct, they can quickly and effortlessly order the drugs they need!

The average drug prices for pharmacy Washington DC have been taken from GoodRx.

Drugs Canada Drugs Direct Price Avg. Local Pharmacy Price
Ziprasidone 80 mg $2.00 per tablet $6.57 per tablet
Zetia 10 mg $2.36 per tablet $6.70 per tablet
Vesicare 10 mg $1.84 per tablet $14.27 per tablet
Venlafaxine 75 mg $1.40 per tablet $1.48 per tablet
Valsartan 12.5 mg $1.46 per tablet $3.45 per tablet
Tamsulosin 0.4 mg $1.37 per tablet $2.52 per tablet
Synthroid 50 mcg $0.33 per tablet $0.57 per tablet
Strattera 40 mg $1.12 per tablet $12.11 per tablet
Quetiapine 25 mg $1.07 per tablet $2.33 per tablet
Pristiq 50 mg $0.87 per tablet $9.19 per tablet
(Table scrollable to right)

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