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Local Pharmacy Los Angeles – Expensive Medicine?

There are many pharmacies in Los Angles that can fulfill your medical requirements, but most of these pharmacies are quite expensive and do not carry a wide range of high-quality medicines. Getting your medicine from a pharmacy in Los Angles is not always affordable neither convenient as you have to visit the said pharmacy every time you need a refill of your prescription.

But there is a viable solution to all these problems!

Why not buy medicines from the comfort of your home from an online pharmacy that you can trust? That’s exactly what Canada Drugs Direct offers you!

Canada Drugs Direct – A Trusted Name in Online Medication

Canada Drugs Direct is a certified and safe pharmacy that strives to offer its online customers affordable medicines. It is a legitimate online pharmacy that also serves people living in the US, including Los Angeles.

Canada Drugs Direct offers a vast range of non-prescription, prescription, and pet-medication. You can benefit from low-priced branded medicines to help you enjoy significant savings while buying various medications online through a few clicks.

125% Price Match Guarantee

Pharmacy Boston - Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest price on all of our prescription products. If you find your medications cheaper at any other recognized licensed mail order pharmacy, we will not only match their price, we will beat it by 25% of the difference. It is our 125% price match guarantee! Check our customer care policy for full details.

Searching for a reliable pharmacy in Los Angeles? Try Canada Drugs Direct!

The reasons why you should order your medicines from Canada Drugs Direct the next time you require some medication are:

  • Free home delivery (Orders over $100)

Don’t fret if you are running out of your medication and can’t find the time to go to any local pharmacy LA because Canada Drugs Direct will deliver your medicines to your doorstep without any extra charge on orders over $100. For all other orders under $100 a flat rate of only $6.99 per order will be charged for shipping regardless of the number of products purchased.

  • 100% safe

Canada Drugs Direct is the right place to buy online medications because safety is a top priority. This service is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and require prescriptions for most medication orders.

It is an SSL encrypted website which ensures that every individual order is 100% secure. Canada Drugs Direct employs experienced, professionally licensed pharmacists to make sure that every order is according to the prescription thus ensuring the health and safety of their customers.

  • Remarkable customer service

Canada Drugs Direct takes pride due to exceptional customer service. If you have any questions, for example, if you want to know if a particular medicine is in stock or want to know the price of any medication, while the information is present on the website, you can also contact the customer service team. You can also place your order whenever it is convenient for you; available seven days a week.

  • User Friendly Website

It is straightforward to order from Canada Drugs Direct because of their simple and helpful website. This is something that most Online Pharmacy Los Angeles websites don’t offer.

You can quickly search the medicine you want from a variety of drugs available on Canada Drugs Direct. Simply, enter your required quantity and click on a few more buttons to place your order.

Canada Drugs Direct Vs Local Pharmacy Los Angeles

The following table will make it easier for you to compare the prices of drugs offered by local pharmacy LA and the much cheaper prices offered at Canada Drugs Direct.

The average drug prices from local pharmacies in Los Angeles were collected from GoodRx.

Drugs Canada Drugs Direct Price Avg. Local Pharmacy Price
Coumadin (Warfarin) 5mg $0.78 per tablet $1.20 per tablet
Augmentin (Amoxicillin/Clavulanate) 125mg $1.50 per tablet $5.70 per tablet
Cialis (Tadalafil) 10 mg $16.40 per tablet $75.00 per tablet
Celebrex (Celecoxib) 200 mg $2.13 per tablet $8.63 per tablet
Abilify (Aripiprazole) 10 mg $3.57 per tablet $33.57 per tablet
Actonel (Risedronate) 35 mg $20.00 per tablet $59.00 per tablet
Boniva(Ibandronate) 150 mg $42.67 per tablet $122.33 per tablet
Albuterol Nebules 0.083% $1.13 per tablet $10.00 per tablet
Lasix 20mg $0.57 per tablet $0.70 per tablet
Fosamax (A lendronate) 70mg $11.67 per tablet $23.75 per tablet
(Table scrollable to right)

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