Why is Veregen So Expensive

why is veregen so expensive

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Going from three digits to four on any price tag signifies a big move upwards in expensiveness, even if $1000 is only one dollar more than 999 of them. But if we swing this into the direction of prescription medication prices in the USA then it’s hard to comprehend how any medication can cost more than a grand to fill the prescription once. Yet that’s the scenario with Veregen cream for removing HPV genital warts. People are plenty sensitive about what’s going on around that body region, and a lot of people are sensitive in a different way about the high cost of prescription drugs in the US. So why is Veregen so expensive?

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HPV infections occur as a result of sexual relations, and as we all know it’s darn near impossible to stop humans from having them once puberty arrives and then all through life afterwards. You’re not going to stop people from being shocked when they go to a local storefront pharmacy and see that a 30g tube of Veregen ointment costs more than $1400 if you don’t have any insurance coverage for your Rx drugs. You’re not going to get HPV infections often unless you’re living the most promiscuous life of all time, but even just once is plenty unpleasant and you’re going to want to get past it as soon as possible.

So again – why is Veregen so expensive? We do know that a lot of R&D costs go into the development of prescription drugs and that is reflected in what people pay for Rx medications, even though you can and will pay less when you order medication online from Canada. But considering that the active ingredient in Veregen is a natural one – sinecatechins green tea– wouldn’t it make sense that there would be less development costs and whole lot less advanced pharmacology going on to make the medication less expensive? This is a fair question to ask around the high Veregen ointment price.

Tea Won’t Do

We mentioned green tea briefly there, and the sinecatechins that make Veregen effective for genital wart treatment are extracted from green tea leaves. We do want to know why is Veregen so expensive, but does it make sense then that drinking a large amount of green tea can get rid of an HPV infection. That is not accurate information, and in truth you’d probably have more luck with trying to drink moonshine to knock out a viral gut infection or convince a fat kid to not be on a smartie. Not recommended, and not going to work anyway.

But Veregen does work well to get rid of genital warts, and people who have them are often going to suck it up and pay whatever it costs to get past this unfortunate incident and why is Veregen so expensive. It is unlikely that the medication will cost less at US pharmacies anytime soon, even though the White House is trying to make it easier for the US Gov’t to import prescription meds from Canada. So, the best and easiest way to get a better Veregen ointment price is to order Veregen from Canada and an online pharmacy like ours here at Canada Drugs Direct.

Look for Coupons

The discussion around why is Veregen so expensive continues and the takeaway is always going to be that people need to find ways to pay less for drugs like this. Some good news there – if you visit the Veregen website you will find that they have an eSavings program where you download a card and you then are able to pay less for Veregen. In fact, they say that you may pay as little as $25 to fill your prescription for Veregen.

The only condition is that you will have to use only certain pharmacies that participate in this these types of programs, and if that is difficult depending on where you live in the USA then you can go the other route for reliably lower prescription drug prices – ordering prescription drugs from Canada and Canadian online pharmacies that serve US customers. We have discount coupons here at Canada Drugs Direct too and once every year on the Monday following Black Friday you can look for Cyber Monday deals at our pharmacy.

You’re free to dig deeper into why is Veregen so expensive if you like, but that’s just a reflection of the reasons why prescription meds as a whole are super pricey in America compared to Canada. Instead, focus on getting the HPV treatment medication you need and get past this unfortunate turn of events as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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