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What Type of Disorder is Anxiety

what type of disorder is anxiety

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Everyone will feel uneasy now and then depending on whatever it is they have to deal with, but it’s not something they need to go through often. And they can also take solace in the fact that that uneasiness will go away before long. For a person with GAD – generalized anxiety disorder - it’s a whole different story and their uneasiness about all sorts of life realities is an ongoing thing. It doesn’t go away, and for a lot of people this constant anxiety really wears away at their quality of life and how much they’re able to enjoy it. We all only live once, so this is a problem. But what type of disorder is anxiety? 

It is a mental health disorder, and among anxiety disorder types along with GAD are panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and phobias. Phobias are interesting ones. Do you freak out even when you see a harmless garden snake, for example? That’s ophidiophobia and a profound fear of snakes is one of the many phobias that can be classified as anxiety. There’s agoraphobia too, and if you are constantly anxious and uneasy about even just going outside then your anxiety is really going to be wrecking your life. There’s more to it than just what type of disorder is anxiety. 

One thing that a person with chronic anxiety should be aware of is that the caffeine in coffee and soda drinks is a strong stimulant that can make your anxiety worse. This can be related to the nature of a person’s endocrine system, but testing for it usually isn’t something that is done as part of standardized health care in a country. Most people who have anxiety that is resistant to therapy approaches will have their doctor recommend that they start on medication, particularly if their anxiety is worsening and becoming more debilitating. Buspar and Lexapro are two of them that work well for people affected by chronic anxiety.

All Sorts of Triggers  

What is of no significance at all to one person can be the cause of anxiety for another, and an expansion on what type of disorder is anxiety. It really does depend on the individual, but there are some people who are born prone to having an anxiety disorder. Often it is related to unbalanced brain biochemistry in the same way it is for depression, and many of the anxiety treatment medications that are recommended are ones that have been introduced to market for depression treatment.

This is most often the case for generalized anxiety, but one thing that is different about anxiety in comparison to depression is that environment can play a huge role. For example, many people find that they get relief from their chronic anxiety when they get out of the city. The overpopulation and congestion that is an unfortunate reality in so many cities where people need to live because of work can be amplifying a person’s anxiety in a big way. What type of disorder is anxiety? It is a mental health one that can become an ever-worsening problem. 

It is not uncommon that when people get away from the crowds, noise, and aggressive behavior that they find their anxiety isn’t nearly as intense as it used to be. If you live in small and cramped living spaces and don’t get enough natural light at the same time this can also make your anxiety worse. Same can go for young people if they spend too much of their time on digital devices, or playing video games. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to what makes anxiety worse.

Symptom Identifier 

As is the case with may mental health conditions, people benefit from knowing symptoms so they aren’t inclined to dismiss the problem or think that it’s some shortcoming on their part. We have our answer to what type of disorder is anxiety, but we haven’t discussed those common symptoms yet. If something is making you stressed, frazzled, and strung out and you can’t help but feel that way then you will want to know more about what is potentially going on with you.

Symptoms of generalized anxiety disorders include difficulty concentrating, become fatigued easily, irritability, muscle / head / stomach aches, sleeping difficulties, and inability to stop worrying about issues. For panic disorder they could be a racing heartbeat, sweating while not overheated, trembling or tingling, or chest pain. A common sign for people who have social anxiety disorder is being unable to make eye contact when talking with people they don’t know well.

If you believe you have worsening anxiety then it is wise to speak to a professional at your earliest convenience, as it is not something to be left unchecked. What type of disorder is anxiety? It is a mental health one, and it can be quite serious and life-altering if a person thinks they can simply tolerate it. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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