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Best Migraine Medication at an Affordable Price

what is best medication for migraines

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There are only a few adjectives that get attached to headaches, but ‘splitting’ is one of them. Not sure how that one came about, but one can guess the idea is to imagine a log being split by an axe to make firewood, and of course your head is the log. But here is the thing. You may think you’ve got a splitting headache, but it’s going to be nothing compared to a migraine headache. And the problem with migraines is that they arrive repeatedly. Maybe not every day, but frequently enough that it’s one heck of a nuisance. So, what is the best medication for migraines?

As is almost always the case, there are many migraine prevention medications and there is no specific one that is the best. Migraine headaches may have similar physiological causes for people, but individual brain biochemistry can alter the way migraines are experienced and dictate which migraine prevention medications are most effective for that person. The symptoms that are most pronounced and severe can play a role too, whether that’s nausea, vomiting, and / or sensitivity to light and sound.

One thing is for certain though – nearly everyone who is prone to migraine headaches will tell you that some of them are completely debilitating and at times will mean you can do nothing but find a comfortable space in a dark room and wait them out. Most people are far too busy to have the luxury of doing that, and that’s why it’s important to find the medication headache treatment that works best for you. Choosing to just tough it out and deal without medication is both inadvisable and dangerous. Migraine complications can put your overall health at serious risk.

What is the best medication for migraines? We’ll get into that here and talk about individual ones and their benefits plus other non-medicinal approaches people can try to make these super-splitting headaches more bearable. There’s no cure for migraine headaches, but they are manageable if you know what to do.

Neurotransmitter Connection

The well being of your brain is in many ways determined by having four primary neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and GABA – available in the right amounts. The one we’re going to talk about is serotonin, and most of you will know it as the ‘mood’ regulator and a lack of it being the primary cause of clinical depression. But you may be surprised to learn that serotonin also is a factor in developing migraine headaches. We’ll get to more on what is the best medication for migraines, but the way some of these migraine prevention medications work should come first.

Serotonin is 100% positive for most people, and much of their ability to be in a fairly good mood most of the time can be attributed to it. People who get migraine headaches will benefit from it in the same way, but the makeup of their brain means it’s also at the root of their headache problems a lot of the time. For people that suffer from headaches, serotonin constricts blood vessels in the brain. This constriction is what causes migraine headaches and the more constriction, the more pain. Some migraine headache meds are formulated to address this reaction, and Amerge is one of them.

While you may have heard of serotonin, we bet you’ve never heard the word prevention referred to as prophylaxis. The similar term you may have heard is prophylactic. While a condom or anything of the like isn’t going to factor into a discussion about migraine headaches, it’s a good example to help you understand how prophylaxis is a fancy scientific term for prevention. Relpax is a similar migraine headache drug that limits the action of serotonin to be prophylactic and prevent severe migraines.

Natural Approaches + Paying Less

Unfortunately migraine drugs tend to be expensive, and that reality is made worse by the fact that people who need them are going to need them for the long foreseeable future. If you get migraines, you get migraines and you’re going to need relief if you’re going to be able to have a normal life and go through your day like everybody else. The good news for chronic migraine headache sufferers is that you can order medication online from Canada and get drugs like Amerge, Relpax, and others at better prices than you’d pay at your local pharmacy in the US.

Certainly nothing to do with what is the best medication for migraines, but something to consider for affordability. But what about adding to the effectiveness of migraine headache medications by changing what you eat? Here is very valuable information about a diet for migraine headache sufferers. It’s based around the idea that for some people they get migraines more frequently or more severely based on certain foods they consume.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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