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What is Animax Ointment Used for in Dogs

what is animax ointment used for in dogs

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Nostrils may be a no-go zone, so if you’re a microscopic organism with malicious intentions then the ear canals may be a better choice as the deep, dark, and inviting canal you’ll make your way into. It is certainly not what people want to think about or envision, but bacteria really are opportunists in much the same way humans are. And in some cases they won’t be picky about what ears they are making their way into as means of causing an ear infection. Dogs may be the targets too, and that leads to the question what is Animax ointment used for in dogs? It’s a pet antibiotic used to treat do ear infections.

Dog chronic otitis externa is the clinical word for when a dog gets swimmer’s ear, and it’s not surprising they do get is as many dogs are just as keen to jump in the water as you are. And many times they’re equally good swimmers, if not better! Nine times out of ten if not more they’ll emerge from the water with nothing more than they went into it with, but there is a small chance they come out with unwelcome guests that were in the water. Humans get swimmer’s ear because of the work of the same ‘bugs’ and like any infection it becomes a need to treat it quickly.

So if we know that Animax works well for dog ear infection treatment, the next inquiry a dog owner may have is how to use Animax for dogs. Good news there is that it couldn’t be any easier, as it’s applied topically and directly onto the infection site. If it’s a dog’s ear infection, the Animax ointment will go right into the ear and this type of direct site application means it works impressively quickly to clear the infection. Let’s look more into what is Animax ointment used for in dogs.

Other End

A part of any discussion around what is Animax ointment used for in dogs will be that it’s a more versatile pet antibiotic than some others. There are other types of dog bacterial infections this medication can take on, and one of ones is going to occur on the other end of the dog and about as far away as possible from the ears. We’re talking about dog anal gland infections, and if you see your dog using only their front legs to drag their backside along the carpet of your hose – something called dog scooting – it may well be because they have this type of infection.

Other types of infections where Animax may be the best treatment fit are:

  • Interdigital cysts, also called a dog furuncle
  • Candida (yeast) infections, and especially when resulting in exudative dermatitis
  • Dermatitis caused by parasite infestation

Neomycin is one of the main active ingredients in this medication, and part of the reason that Animax works as well as it does is because Neomycin is pretty darn potent stuff. It is strong enough to the point that some dogs may get strong side effects from use. What will happen in some cases is the pet owner will have to weight the effectiveness of Animax for treating dog infections against the severity of side effects, particularly with regards to skin irritation or excessive swelling. The skin inside ear canals is more sensitive and if what is Animax ointment used for in dogs is dog otitis externa then this may be a problem.

Cats Too

Plenty of families with a dog in the household will also have a cat there, and despite the stereotype the majority of the time the two different types of pets get along just fine. Going at it like cats and dogs may be an expression to describe a very heated confrontation, but it’s much more likely that the two pets will be just fine with each other if they live with each other in the same house. Treating a bacterial skin infection is almost always the same for either dogs OR cats as it is for humans – you need to start on an effective antibiotic right away.

What is Animax ointment used for in dogs can be applied to cats in the same way. Are cats much less likely to get swimmer’s ears? Have you ever met a cat that likes to swim? Apparently they do exist although I’ve certainly never met one and I’ve known plenty of cats in my day. But yes, generally we can say cats are much less likely to get swimmer’s ear. But the other types of pet bacterial infections we listed above will apply to them too. This expands on our understanding of what is Animax ointment sued for in dogs AND cats.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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