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Vraylar Medication for Depression

vraylar medication

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Biocentrism is the view or belief that human life is not any more important than the lives of any other living thing. If you believe in it then seagulls are every bit our equal, even though we might see the world very differently. Not only do they see things from on high in ways we’ll never know, but the expression ‘down in the dumps’ isn’t going to make any sense to them. For us it means to be feeling down and mentally unwell, but for a gull the dump is one of the better spots to be if you’re not out on the water. All kidding aside, depression is serious and Vraylar medication works well as medication for depression.

The big deal with depression obviously is the fact that those feelings of being down are constant and they tend to permeate into every aspect of your life and day-to-day existence. And unfortunately, mental illness has for many years been given less recognition and respect for what people suffering from it must go through. Fortunately, that is changing and people who have depression feel more comfortable admitting it and are more able to get the help they need. Medication and counselling are great but incorporating CBT for depression is highly recommended too.

We need to keep in mind that people have different levels of severity with depression too, and external factors tied to a person’s life situation or even where they live can factor into how badly depressed, they are. Physiologically it’s the same for all these people though – they have neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain that means their mood isn’t balanced natural like it is for the rest of us. Taking Vraylar for depression isn’t the only choice, but it is one of the more effective antidepressant medications.

We’ll talk more about Vraylar medication here, but with more of a focus on ways to overcome depression by combining approaches and not only relying on medication.

Complications Aplenty

Depression really is a doozy, and that’s not only just because it robs you of the feeling of being contented with your life like you would be otherwise. It’s also because depression can lead to a whole host of complications that can also negatively quality of life and even your general safety. Many people who don’t treat their depression develop insomnia or hypersomnia, which means being unable to sleep enough or sleeping so much that it is bad for you too.

People who don’t address their depression are also more at risk of becoming substance abusers as some people will use alcohol and drugs to brighten up their lives briefly. This of course is especially risky, and one of the things that Vraylar medication does is promote more dopamine in the brain. More of this neurotransmitter creates less of a need for the person to get the same ‘reward’ response that they’re compensating for by using substances. The key of course is getting on the medication immediately after a diagnosis.

Depression can make people more susceptible to SAD (seasonal affective disorder) or GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) too. In those sorts of instances, it becomes something of a vicious circle – the depression enhances the severity of their other condition, and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to first see a doctor for a diagnosis and prescription for Vraylar medication or a similar antidepressant, and then use alternate treatment methods as needed. For example, using light therapy if you are also dealing with SAD along with depression.

Enhancing Treatment

Taking Vraylar medication is among the many ways you can use prescription meds for depression treatment, and for many people their antidepressant is the most integral part of their treatment regimen if they are going to overcome depression. But there is plenty a person can do to have a more thorough triumph over it, and the first one that needs to be stated is getting more vigorous physical exercise.

It can be a low-impact home workout if you’re older or less physically capable than others, but basically if you’re breaking a sweat that means you’ve got your heart rate up and you’re having what can be considered vigorous exercise. What you eat can also factor into mental health improvements while you’re using Vraylar medication. There are many smart food choices for depression sufferers, and really who doesn’t like plums, orange, apples, and blackcurrants? These are fruits that are rich in pectin, and pectin is very helpful in improving the gut-brain connection.

Supplementing your diet with an active folate (not the folic acid you’ll see on the shelves at most stores) and taking a vitamin B-complex with plenty of vitamin B12 are also good ways to improve the results you get from using an antidepressant like Vraylar medication. It’s best to be as proactive as possible because depression really has the potential to take your life off the rails otherwise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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