What is Best Anti Inflammatory Medication?

toradol for pain

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It’s great if you are one of the people who can ‘tough’ it out, but there are others that don’t have the same ability to tolerate pain. You may be able to do that if it’s a scenario where all it’s going to do is leave you with a bruise or maybe a few stitches, but when pain is more profound and long term there are plenty of times when tolerating pain isn’t possible. An OTC painkiller like Ibuprofen might be enough, but other times a prescription painkiller medication is going to be needed. Toradol for pain is a good choice in many of these instances, but you need to be careful with this powerful painkiller.

Some people will ask is Toradol a narcotic because they don’t want to use an opioid painkiller. Generally speaking, you’re only going to need the kind of heavy-duty pain relief that comes with OxyContin or Vicodin - opioid painkillers – if you’re in severe pain and the pain doesn’t relent. Toradol for pain is more suited for pain relief after a surgery or something similar. People may get Toradol after major dental surgery, while other people with more minor teeth repairs will be fine with a few Tylenol 3s.

It all depends on how much pain you’re in, and while it’s good to know how to recognize and assess pain, any time it gets to the point you’re considering Toradol for pain you will need to be seeing a doctor and receiving medical attention before starting on the drug. Is Toradol a narcotic? It’s not, but it’s a near equal for maximum pain relief from a medication.

It’s an anti-inflammatory medication, and inflammation is very often the cause of severe localized pain. That’s different from impact trauma, and that’s why you’ll be fine dealing with the short term pain of a bruise or welt. Toradol for pain is when you’re really hurting, and the pain has not going anywhere for a while.

No Risk of Dependency

Many people that ask, “is Toradol a narcotic?” will want to know because they have heard how many prescription painkillers have led to heroin dependency for a lot of people. It is not that drugs like OxyContin are addictive if used in moderation, but the risk is that people who need to use them over a long period of time because of chronic pain from an injury may become dependent on them. This is a topic that can be talked about at length, but we’ll just cut straight to saying that Toradol is not an opioid painkiller and is safer choice for extreme pain management.

Joint pain resulting from arthritis or any other condition might be the only example of chronic pain where using Toradol for pain would be overdoing it. It’s a medication for immediate relief of temporary severe pain, and often it will be administered as shot given by a doctor. After that you may take it as oral medication, but if so the general guideline is not to take it for more than 5 days. That’s not because of major health risks as much as it is for another one.

Toradol is like a lot of powerful painkillers in that they can cause constipation. Some people get severe constipation from medication, but they have no choice but to keep taking it for their pain. If that’s the scenario for you then Senokot is a great natural laxative. Enjoy some tasty bran muffins too!

What to Expect

Some individuals experience side effects with Toradol for pain, but for most people it’s nothing too overwhelming, although most people will say they feel a little ‘out of it’ while the pain medication is taking effect. If you’ve just received an injection there is going to be more of a chance of stomach pain, and this is something you should be aware of. You actually shouldn’t use this drug if you have an ulcer or have had them in the past, something that will be more common in older people.

We’ll wrap things up here today by talking about something that’s a part of the fabric of America – Football! As you can imagine, these amazing athletes are often in pain given the unmatched the physicality of football compared to any of the other pro sports in North America. Toradol for pain and the NFL is interesting to note. It is pretty much the go-to choice for players who need to be pain relief in order to play the following Sunday.

Most of us would be a wreck for life if we took even one of the hits those guys take, so let’s admire them on TV and be glad we’re not banged up bad every Monday like they are and needing Toradol for pain.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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