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Powerful Itch & Irritation Relief with Temovate

temovate cream

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Some will know of keratin and the role it plays in supporting healthy hair growth, and keratin is also an integral part of having healthy fingernail and toenail growth. Nails need to be hard and strong in order to serve the functions they do, and one of those functions is being able to scratch itchy skin all over the body. Minus the back unless you’re some sort of contortionist or something similar. If you didn’t have good fingernails, you’d be using that telescopic back scratcher all over! A better option is using a good anti itch medication, and Temovate cream is one of the better ones.

The reason we say it’s a better option is because – as we all know – scratching an itch always makes it worse. It may provide temporary relief, but all that furious friction on the top of the skin promotes even more histamines being sent to the spot and the inflammatory response becomes even worse. So, scratch if you absolutely must, but apply a topical steroid that will diminish inflammation for effective itch skin relief is preferable.

You’re also excused if you’ve never heard the term pruritus, which means chronically itchy skin. And not only that but the itching tends to be more severe and lasts longer. So, if you’re itching endlessly because of this condition then Temovate cream may be the powerful itch reliever medication you’ve been looking for.

What makes this topical steroid so reliable for treating itchy skin, and what else can people do to enhance the effectiveness of an anti-itch treatment? That’s what we’ll look at here.

Not Always Visual

Itchy skin that results from skin being too dry is an easier fix, and most of the time a week or so of applying moisturizing cream is all that’s required to get itch relief. The thing with chronically itchy skin and pruritus though is that often there’s no real visual indicator that the skin is inflamed. Temovate cream can also be used to treat rashes or to treat insect bites, but in those cases the extreme itchiness will be going along with visibly irritated skin.

Skin that’s not treated with a product like Temovate cream or something similar may result in the person scratching their skin so much that the skin actually becomes broken and damaged. Of course it’s best to not let it get to that point, but if it does then you may also want to get in the know regarding enhanced skin healing and non-medicated products or prescription skin ointments that can help skin heal more effectively.

And if it’s powerful itch relief that you need, then Temovate cream is about as strong a topical steroid as you’re going to get once a doctor writes you a prescription for it. These medications are classified by strength, and anywhere from a 7 (weakest) to a 1 (strongest). Clobetasol Temovate 0.05 cream is a #1 topical steroid for itchy skin relief, and as such you can expect it to be able to soothe even the most supremely itchy skin.

Temovate cream is ideal for treatment of psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis resulting from stinging plants, seborrheic dermatitis, and pemphigus. There is also a generic equivalent of this medication, and that will be good news for anyone who had difficulty affording drugs and may want to consider ordering medication online from Canada too.

Additional Itchy Skin Treatment Approaches

Medicated anti itch creams are great, but it’s also true that you may get even more relief from itchy skin by pairing your Temovate cream with other natural itch relief remedies. Some of them will work better than others, but one of the best ones is to apply colloidal oatmeal to stop skin itching. Not only is it effective, but the mixture is inexpensive to make and easy to apply. And another good suggestion here is super simple and has all sort of other added health benefits too – drink a lot more water!

Another option is to use an infrared sauna. The way skin chelates in these units has many benefits for it, including making chronically itchy skin less itchy as well as overall improving the appearance of skin. If you have a house with the space for it you can buy a free-standing infrared sauna, but they’re not cheap. If you live in a condo, apartment, or you simply can’t afford one, then there are places where you can pay-per-use.

We’ll wrap this blog up by sharing a recipe for colloidal oatmeal and suggest one more time that you might want to use it along with Temovate cream.

  • Put moderate amount of whole, uncooked oatmeal into a blender or food processor.
  • Process until oatmeal resembles a fine, off-white powder.
  • It must be finely ground, so test this by mixing about 1 tablespoon into a pint (16 ounces) of water. The water should be milky white, and if not, then you need to grind the oatmeal further.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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