Slynd Birth Control: 'POP' Over to a New Type of Contraceptive

Slynd birth control

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There's no more important role in all of humanity than that of 'Mom'. We imagine that's something everyone would agree with. The thing is, it's best if a woman only becomes a mother when and if she wants to. That's why family planning is so important, and that usually means using birth control pills. Slynd birth control is different from the standard combination birth control pills that most women take.

That's because Slynd is a 'POP' birth control pill, and what the acronym stands for is progestin-only pill. Now if you're a woman who's taking birth control pills you may or may not know what progestin is. Not like you need to know, but it's a synthetic hormone that is needed for birth control pills to work the way they're supposed to. That being in 'tricking' your body into believing you're already pregnant – when you're not.

As mentioned, most women take a combination birth control pill that contains both progestin and estrogen. And for most of them that's fine, they have no ill effects from that. So what's the appeal of Slynd birth control being a progestin-only pill? Well, some women cannot handle too much estrogen in their bodies and it creates the risk of cardiovascular (heart) health problems.

There can be hereditary reasons for high estrogen levels, meaning you've inherited that predisposition from your mother. But there can also be other reasons for high estrogen levels in women. It's generally not too much of a problem, but it can factor into what type of birth control pill is better for you. Some of you may want to know about the Slynd cost if you were to make the switch.

Better Birth Control?

We're going to look at some of the primary advantages that Slynd birth control offers for women, and that's not just exclusively in how it's a no estrogen birth control pill. There's some other very distinct advantages that will appeal to women of all types. Before that though it might be helpful for women who are estrogen sensitive to understand how high estrogen creates heart health risks for some of them.

Suffice to say if we're talking about the heart then there's few if any more important organs in our body. So it's natural that a birth control alternative like Slynd birth control that doesn't contain estrogen will be of immediate interest to women with high estrogen levels. But there's other advantages to it too, in the same way there's advantages to a better and more spontaneous sex life when you're in a committed relationship.

And yes, one of the big advantages of Slynd birth control or any other pill is that you do NOT find yourself fumbling for a condom and taking your foot off the gas when you'd really rather not! Believe me, this is something that both the woman AND the man would always prefer to avoid.

But alright, enough about all that. Let's move to what are the additional advantages to using this POP birth control pill and then talk about the Slynd cost for American women when they order birth control pills from Canada.

More Manageable, More Forgiving

Look, we all forget to do things we need to do from time to time. No one is infallible in that regard, and it's even easier to be forgetful when you've got a thousand and one things on your plate. The majority of things you might forget won't be that big a deal, but forgetting to take birth control pills can be a big deal. We imagine we don't need to explain why!

Here's where Slynd birth control is a little more forgiving if you forget to take your pill. It offers a 24-hour 'grace' period where if you've forgotten to take your pill and have had unprotected sex with your partner you still have a full day to take the pill and still be assured of reliable pregnancy prevention. This is a really nice benefit of Slynd birth control, and it may mean not having to use an emergency contraceptive in some cases.

Next we'll agree that Slynd birth control is a better birth control choice for women who'd like to have a little more consistency with managing their menstrual cycle. This is made possible by Slynd birth control having a 24+4 dosing cycle that lets you manage your periods and bleeding days to fit your lifestyle.

Because after all, while every woman knows this is natural and will come around every month without fail, it's still nice to be as in control of it all as possible.

Slynd Birth Control Cost

This POP birth control pill medication isn’t prohibitively expensive for most people, and the Slynd cost is usually affordable for most women. While ordering birth control from Canada is always a good idea, there may be specific incentives offered by Canada Drugs Direct that make it even more advantageous to order birth control online here and get an even better price on it every time you need to refill your prescription online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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