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Combating Minor Ailments: The Powerful Effects Of Antibiotics

Combating Minor Ailments: The Powerful Effects Of Over The Counter Antibiotics

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Antibiotics are a certain type of medicine which help to kill bacteria in your body. They are specially designed by experts to cease the attack of a certain type of bacteria. Bacteria is responsible for causing severe infection which includes strep throat, urinary tract infections, ear infections, and sinus infections. Each disease has the different type of antibiotics, which means there is no medicine for all diseases. Each antibiotic is designed to work in a different way and act differently than the others. When you go to the doctor, they will prescribe you antibiotics, which will try to stop the spread of infection.

Antibiotics are known to be a type of powerful medicines that have the ability to save lives of the patients if used properly under the guidance of experienced doctors. Antibiotics can either stop the growth of bacteria or destroy them completely. Depending on the gravity and type of bacteria, these over the counter antibiotics are prescribed to the patients. Before the bacteria multiplies and cause symptoms, our body's immune system can definitely work faster to kill them. The white blood cells in our blood play the role of attacking harmful bacteria and even our immune system that can usually cope and fight off the injurious infection.

There are a lot of antibiotics that are sold over the counter because they can be taken by an individual for common ailments and issues. It is very important that you research more about the medicines before you buy any over the counter antibiotics. Experts advise that one should talk to the doctors and experts before starting any over-the-counter medicine course, because you could have some kind of allergy that might be triggered due to the ingredients in the antibiotics.

Can Antibiotics Cure Any Disease?

There is no doubt that antibiotic are powerful medicines, but it cannot cure every possible ailment. Experts believe that antibiotics cannot work against the ailments that are caused due to viruses. They can only work on a specific disease, therefore, it is important for you to talk to a doctor before buying any over-the-counter medicine. The list of diseases antibiotics can deal with is definitely large, but it can fight every kind of disease. Following is a list of diseases which antibiotics can heal:

  1. A common type of cold and flu
  2. Sore throats that are not caused by strep
  3. Running nose
  4. Almost all type of acute bronchitis
  5. Various kind of ear infections

Of course, there are a lot of bacteria that cannot be dealt with antibiotics, but there is no magic spell which can solve any disorder or disease. Don’t just take antibiotics for anything, just because your doctor prescribed it the last time for some other disease. Remember that they are not the answer to all the diseases, so make sure you take the correct medicine for the diseases or else it can turn into something very serious. Avoid complicating the situation by taking antibiotics for everything. Over-the-counter antibiotics are effective only for certain ailments and should not be taken as a cure all remedy.

Why to no take antibiotics on a daily basis?

When you start taking antibiotics for every small thing, they are not going to work after a certain period of time. The reason behind it is the failure in the response to the bacteria. The infection gets so used to the medicine that it doesn’t respond to that particular dosage of antibiotics. Bacteria has the ability to mutate, which means they are harder to kill with the same dosage of antibiotics. This type of bacteria is called the antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Be careful when choosing antibiotics to heal your diseases. One should know that antibiotics are a medicine that can help the body treat infections which are not caused by viruses. Here are some tips which can help make sure that the antibiotics will work when you want them to:

  • You should protect yourself from all kinds of illnesses. Do not forget to wash your hands and keep it clean at all times. Use of clear water, good soap, and a fresh towel to wipe your hands is a must.
  • Keep your doctor in loop about any antibiotics you take. Also, ask the doctor if it is necessary to take antibiotics to treat the pain or other medicines will work.
  • You do not want to use antibiotics prescribed to you earlier for a different illness or one that is prescribed to your friend or family member. If you take the wrong medicines and delay the proper treatment, then you might end up being sick.
  • Get the flu vaccine or any other vaccines which are needed to stop the growth of infection.
  • Don’t set your mind on over-the-counter antibiotics and pressurize your doctor to prescribe antibiotics to you when they won't help you feel any better or even cure the ailment you are suffering from.

How does the antibiotic work?

There is definitely a long list of antibiotics, but all of them work in one of the two ways:

  • Bactericidal antibiotic functions to kill the bacteria present in the body. These drugs are designed to either interfere with the cell content or the formation of the bacterium's cell wall.
  • Once the bacteriostatic enters the body of the patient it has the power to stop bacteria from multiplying.

Once you know how the antibiotic works, the next step is to select the right medicine and ask the doctor about the correct way to consume that particular antibiotic. If these antibiotics are taken in any other way apart from the correct manner, it can be harmful for your health. Taking the wrong dosage can lead to the over-the-counter antibiotics not being effective enough or not being effective at all.

Here are a few steps to use antibiotics:

  • Some antibiotics are supposed to be taken almost half an hour before most meals. Others are taken after 2 hours from your meal. It is vital that the patients follow all the instructions carefully for the antibiotic to work properly at its maximum power.
  • Doctors advice people to not drink alcohol while the antibiotic course is on.
  • Patients should avoid dairy products as much as they can during the course of the antibiotics. Dairy products will obstruct the absorption of the medication.
  • Most of the times antibiotics are taken orally, but in some cases depending on the dosage and severity of the infection, doctor advice taking injections instead. Some experts inject the antibiotic directly into the affected area in the patient’s body.
  • Usually antibiotics do not take much time, they start working within a few hours and attack the bacteria. One should complete the whole course of medication, so as to prevent the infection from returning back into your body.
  • You should not stop taking the medicines in between the course even if you feel better, you should continue and finish the complete antibiotic course. There are high chances that 2% of bacteria are still alive and can multiply if you stop the antibiotics. These bacteria might resist future treatments if they aren’t destroyed completely.
  • There are some rules and regulations that include consuming only specific food and drinks while on medication or consuming over-the-counter antibiotics. Whereas, some of the other antibiotics should be taken on an empty stomach so as to help the medicine work at its best ability.

Now that you are also aware of the effects of these antibiotics, you can attain the necessary help by choosing the right medication. You should be very careful while selecting the brand of the antibiotics. You do not want to end up relying on counterfeit antibiotics. It is important that you carefully choose the pharmaceutical drug manufacturer to ensure that there are no side effects. Research about the drug and its effects if you must, to be sure.

When you are buying online, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. One of them is the reputation of the company and the second is the quality of the drugs they are selling on the website. When you have doubts regarding the company, you can call them and ask about their services. Communicating with them will satisfy your doubts and help you in choosing the right meds.

Choose online pharmacies that take special care about the quality of the medicines offered and the privacy of their customers. Do not be fooled by the fake online pharmacies that make tall claims, but falter when it comes to delivering the results.

Buying over the counter antibiotics is not a a simple click and go game, you need to be careful about your pick. These are the medicines that your body will accept and effectively fight the infection. Make sure to choose the best brands and the right dosage.

Do not forget to ask your doctor about the correct way of taking any particular drug. Online pharmacies are doing really great today because experienced doctors are tying up with pharmacies to save lives of people using the latest and up-to-date antibiotics and various other type of medicines. Make the most of Canada Drugs Direct's easy to use interface and exceptional customer service to get quality medicines at your doorstep.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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