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Are you finding that your prescription medication is becoming way too expensive these days? Join the club. It's a fact that meds are becoming increasingly pricey these days, and some medications in particular are even difficult to afford for people who don't struggle with other necessity purchases. The word necessity is important there, because for many people their medication is an absolute necessity when it comes to maintaining their quality of life or - in some cases - staying alive entirely! Here at Canada Drugs Direct, we are entirely receptive to these types of struggles people have when having to afford prescription meds.

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It's a large part of why we're pleased to be able to make our online pharmacy in Canada available to valued customers living in the USA. From New York to LA and everywhere in between across America, if you want to get better prices on ordering medication from Canada you'll definitely have landed at the right place when you visit Canada Drugs Direct.

Now you may be asking - what makes your pharmacy better than all every other Canadian online pharmacy serving USA? We don't necessarily claim to be 'better', but we do have as good a price as you'll find anywhere on nearly every prescription medication and we always meet the expectations our customers have for us when it comes to quality and reliability.

Let's look at what allows us here at Canada Drugs Direct to have the solid reputation we do.

How We're Able to Offer the Best Prices on Meds

There are a lot of different factors that go into how we're able to offer the same branded medications (and generic versions of them where available) that you'd get in America but at much better prices. First and foremost among them is the fact that government-protected 'monopoly' rights for the manufacturers of certain drugs exist in the USA. Then add the fact that drug manufacturers are free to set their own prices, and you have a recipe for higher prescription costs in America as compared to here in Canada.

In Canada, no such monopoly rights exists and Health Canada - the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration in the USA - is much more stringent about protecting the affordability of medication and often works to counter the interests of the pharmaceutical manufacturers for this reason. Certain states have regulations that work to increase the cost of meds too, and there's also an entire system of intermediaries that stand between the drug manufacturer and the pharmacist. As the meds make their way along that supply chain, the prices inevitably goes up.

Canada Drugs Direct is like any other online pharmacy in Canada in that we have a much more direct route between the pharmaceutical manufacturers and you, the consumer, that allows us to keep costs lower overall. In addition, we benefit from not feeling the impact of market control efforts like pharmacies in the USA do.

Built to Serve US Customers Exclusively

You may find it interesting to learn that Canada Drugs Direct serves US customers exclusively. It's not that we'd be opposed to serving customers here in Canada, but our business and supply models are exclusively set up to make quality medications for less from Canada a reality for USA residents who are happy to have just such a resource available to them.

You'll likely find that our prices are consistently lower in comparison to what you'd pay for the EXACT SAME medication at your local pharmacy, no matter where in America you live. We stress the words exact same there because it's important for you to know that our medications are the same branded ones you'll be dispensed in America - from the same manufacturer, with the same quality controls, and the same reliability when it comes to dosage strength and efficacy.

Online Pharmacy 2019 Ready to Serve You

Need further convincing regarding the reputability of Canada Drugs Direct? We can do that for you. First off, our staff includes dedicated and professional licensed pharmacists who are as equally qualified as those serving you elsewhere. We also meet the following criteria that customers will want to see when evaluating a reputable online drugstore:

  • Fully Licensed Pharmacy
  • All Rx Drugs Require a prescription before dispensing - no exceptions
  • Company Address & Phone Number provided on website
  • Personal / Medical information guaranteed to be kept private
  • Security of provided financial information guaranteed when purchasing products online

Solid Selection of Top Popular Medications - At Better Prices

We'll get to the wide selection of medications available from Canada Drugs Direct in a moment, but first we'll add to the affordability / reliability argument a little further by saying that we have been commended on the excellence of our customer service. We encourage customers to call or email us with any and all questions they may have about the pharmacy, our pharmacists, or anything related to ordering medications online from Canada.

Next up in adding to all the advantages of being a customer of our online pharmacy in 2019 is our shipping. Not only can you have your orders delivered right to your door, but you won't pay anything for the shipping if your order is $100 or over. And if it's less than $100, we are happy to be able to offer a flat rate of $6.99 USD for shipping ANY quantity of products. We imagine that's going to sound plenty appealing too.

Here's a list of SOME of the popular medications we fill prescriptions for at Canada Drugs Direct:

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Symbicort
  • Synthroid
  • Propecia
  • Entocort
  • Celebrex
  • Abilify
  • Flomax
  • Advair Diskus

And do it for less!

One last thing to note is again a reflection of the integrity of our online pharmacy; that is, you must send us your original prescription in order for your prescription to be filled. We place a lot of importance on making sure that all our prescription medications are being dispensed in accordance with decisions made as part of professional guidance of a family physician or other specialized doctor.

If you're more than ready to start saving money on your prescriptions, we are more than ready to welcome you onboard here at Canada Drugs Direct!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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