In Vitro Fertilization Preparation with Menopur


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For most women, conceiving comes relatively easily, but some women really struggle with it. This can be true for women in perfectly good health who are not exceptionally old and past their fertile years. Fertility struggles are more common in our modern world with all sorts of negative environmental influences which everyone’s bodies are subject to. Women born in earlier generations weren’t as lucky as women now that have vitro fertilization technology (IVF) available to help them get pregnant. Menopur is an injected medication used to improve IVF success rates.

IVF technology is entirely related to the fundamentals of the female reproductive system – specifically the ovaries and eggs. Menopur works by stimulating the ovaries to produce more eggs. Now you’d be correct if you interjected here and said ‘wait, doesn’t only one egg ever get fertilized?’ but it’s not as simple as that. This is where an intro to what is in vitro fertilization is in order. In vitro fertilization involves the collection of as many eggs as possible, and then manually fertilizing those that are deemed to be of the best quality for IVF.

So, technicians at an IVF clinic collect as many eggs as possible to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, and Menopur increases the yield for most women who have the injection. There are other ways to increase the likelihood of successful IVF, and one of the most surprising ones is using a Castor Oil compress to improved blood circulation to the uterus. That makes sense as that’s where a fertilized egg is going to attach itself to sperm and begin to develop into a baby.

We’ll look at IVF in greater detail here, but the main message must be that women who are having difficulty pregnant naturally don’t have to give up yet on starting a family of their own. For many couples it is a big part of what keeps them thinking positively and not getting too discouraged.

All About Egg Quality

Reproductive medicine professionals have long known that for most women, egg quality starts to decline at the age of 35, and then goes down especially strong after the age of 40 or so. That said, there are plenty of women who have very little difficulty getting pregnant after 40. Infertility often has its roots in genetics and then environmental factors and lifestyle choices can come into play too. However, there are women under the age of 35 who will still struggle with the number of viable eggs they have for IVF and it’s hard to explain why that is.

A Menopur injection is one of the ways that women can increase their odds, but IVF medications are often not covered under individual plans. Here is one of many different instances where it may be best to order medication online from Canada, as Canada Drugs Direct’s price on Menopur is considerably lower than what customers would pay in the US. The IVF process is a long one and for many women it is intimidating. Working with a good clinic can make all the difference in the world. Upping certain vitamin and nutrient levels – CoQ10 in particular – will be a part of what they tell you to do.

2-Way Equation

We’ve gone into enough detail about what is in vitro fertilization and how Menopur is used to increase the egg yield before one or more of them is chosen for fertilization before then being reintroduced to the uterus. The menopur injections need to be administered at exactly the right time and correct time intervals, but this is something most women will be capable of given how committed they are to getting pregnant through IVF.

One thing she’ll have no control over is how her husband or partner is doing with his contribution to the success of IVF. Without sperm, the egg doesn’t become an embryo, and sperm health is just as important as egg health. So it’s important for the man to be mindful of his health and one thing a man can do to increase sperm quality is supplement his diet with alpha lipoic acid and active form of folate. This should be in addition to healthy diet and being smart about limiting the intake of substances that are harmful for health overall. Upping zinc intake is a good idea too.

The male partner won’t need to take any injections like Menopur. Considering he won’t be carrying the hoped-for baby for 9 months either, then we’d say the gender difference is quite fortunate indeed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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