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How Much Does Carbidopa Levodopa Cost

How Much Does Carbidopa Levodopa Cost

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Some people think that Hippy Hippy Shake is a Beatles song, but it is not. The Fab 4 only covered the song on Live at the BBC 4 years after 17-year-old Aussie songwriter Chan Romero wrote it in 1959. Boomers who were in their youthful heyday in the 60s will probably remember it fondly, but people of any age can have the misfortune of developing Parkinson’s disease. They will still want to be able to move to the music and fortunately medications like Sinemet means they will not have the bad shakes as much and more of the good ones. They will be on these meds long term and may need a lower Levodopa cost.

That is one of the two active ingredients in the medication, and Carbidopa and Levodopa are like Simon and Garfunkel of drugs for doctors with patients who have Parkinson’s. Sinemet is one of the most commonly prescribed medications for Parkinson’s treatment, and along with Levodopa cost it is good to know how medications work if you are going to be relying on them to relieve stiffness and immobility occurring because of Parkinson’s.

The way they work in tandem is related to dopamine, one of the 4 major neurotransmitters in the brain. To make it simple, carbidopa is converted to dopamine and more of it means a greater supply of Levodopa moving into the brain and changing the chemistry of it so that dyskinesia and the stiffness, shakes, and twitching that comes with it is reduced significantly. That means a huge relief for people who suffer with this. Carbidopa Levodopa for restless leg syndrome is also a possibility, with effective treatment for PLMS and periodic limb movements. Quality sleep is always important.

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Moving on to how much does Carbidopa Levodopa cost, the first thing we will say is that branded Sinemet will cost more than the generic. That is always going to be the case, but one of the good things about Sinemet for Parkinson’s is that it is not one of the especially expensive Rx meds in America. You can get 90 of the 25mg/100mg branded Sinemet tablets for around $130USD, and that is quite reasonable compared to a lot of other Rx drugs. But let us remember what we said earlier here, people with Parkinson’s are going to be taking medications like Sinemet for the long-foreseeable future.

That means many prescriptions are going to be filled, and for that reason the smart move is to order Sinemet from Canada and have your prescription filled with the generic equivalent. 100 of those 25mg/100mg generic Sinemet tablets can be had here for $30USD and it is advisable to have your prescription written with refills included if that is possible. That is your best takeaway from this and remember that the lowest Levodopa cost is always going to be from a Canadian online pharmacy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for your pet. See your veterinarian for medical advice and treatment for your pet if you have any concerns.

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