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Learn How to Stop Wheezing at Night with Servent Diskus

how to stop wheezing at night

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We breathe slower while we are asleep. We all do. And it’s related to our metabolic rate. Respiratory rate is the number of breaths taken in a minute, and for most adults when they are asleep the rates are around 15 or 16 breaths a minute. Sleeping well and not disturbing your partner are both important, but if you have asthma or COPD you may have trouble with either. Wheezing means your airway is constricted, and you may want to know how to stop wheezing at night. Servent Diskus can help.

This asthma maintenance inhaler is easy to use and may also be used to make it easier to breathe for people with emphysema or people that get bronchospasms at times when taking part in cardiovascular exercise. It is different from asthma rescue inhalers that are used to counter asthma or COPD attacks just as they start. The best way to manage asthma is to use a maintenance inhaler so attacks are less severe and happen less often, and it is also the best for how to stop wheezing at night.

Provided you take the doses exactly as indicated in your prescription then you should find you breathe more freely while you sleep, and sleep better overall. Which is important, because there is a connection between sleeping well and heart rate variability. More variation between heartbeats mean more flexibility and resiliency for your mind and body.

Low HRV rates have been associated with depression, anxiety, and more risk of having heart disease. Someone with breathing difficulties at night does not need to start concerning themselves with, but there’s all sorts of benefits of a good night’s sleep so let’s talk more about how to stop wheezing at night.

Overnight Hours

Some people snore if they sleep on their backs, and the same relaxing of the airway that causes snoring can also make your wheezing worse. Many people say their asthma is worse at night, and for some people that may be true and being prone to snoring has it so that their breathing difficulties are quite loud. As mentioned, that’s a problem for your partner too considering you both need to sleep peacefully. Servent Diskus is best when the doses are taken around the same time each day, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be around the time you go to sleep.

Here’s another consideration around how to stop wheezing at night; the Servent Diskus is for COPD treatment too and people with COPD also have reason to know nights can be a problem. COPD can cause night sweats for some people, and it’s more common for women who are over 60. Using a reliable asthma maintenance inhaler is helpful for COPD and asthma sufferers of all ages, and medications can make excessive sweating worse if that’s something you or someone you know are dealing with.

Freer Airway

Servent Diskus is a good choice as a maintenance inhaler and it can be useful in treating asthma or COPD. Many people with COPD will be big fans of the Trelegy Ellipta inhaler given how well it works for COPD relief by combining bronchodilator and anti inflammatory actions to open the airway. People looking to how to stop wheezing at night and have severe COPD may be using supplemental oxygen and this is often the case if there is preceding lung damage.

If you are using supplemental oxygen you should refrain from smoking or discharging firearms in the home, or risk of starting a fire. It’s estimated that there are over 180 home fires in the USA each year related to home oxygen therapy and staying when using supplemental oxygen at home is something people should be aware of. Smoking and gunfire should only be done outside of the home and you may want to avoid both entirely while you are dealing with COPD attacks.

Nocturnal asthma can be one of the most common causes of night wheezing and can be reduced by changing the position slept in can be one solution in stopping it. Laying in a reclining position can make nighttime wheezing worse, and it’s believed that’s because of more secretions accumulating in the airways and increased blood volume in the lungs. Some people also note that their wheezing becomes worse when sleeping in a room that’s air conditioned.

How to stop wheezing at night? Try using the Servent Diskus asthma maintenance inhaler and maybe look at some of the habits you have around sleeping.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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