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How To Increase Blood Circulation with Food Choices

how to increase blood circulation

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Say you get a small cut on your finger in the kitchen and a drop of blood ends up on the countertop. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty and you can afford to lose such a miniscule amount. But if that drop of blood could talk imagine the stories it might tell of all the places it’s been. The network of arteries, veins, and capillaries in the human body is expansive, and that drop of blood has probably passed through the entirety of it. Most of us have blood that moves well, but those who don’t will ask how to increase blood circulation. Eliquis is a medication that can help.

Of course, nothing gets underway without the heart, and heart health has to be a priority for everyone. Angina can be a sign that you are in poor cardiovascular health and may also have you dealing with poor blood circulation. It is possible to be unaware of the problem, although for many people coldness in extremities like hands and feet or tingling in these areas can be a sign that blood is not reaching these areas in the volumes it needs to be. The need to have the heart providing oxygenated blood to tissues is obvious, but another thing many people do not know is that good blood circulation helps fight diseases.

Another lesser-known fact is that good blood circulation also contributes to a nice complexion, with skin that is fully oxygenated being less likely to have discoloration, skin pigmentation, dark spots, or a blotchy complexion. These are all the reasons to know how to increase blood circulation, and while a medication like Eliquis or another similar one may be part of the fix a healthy diet can also contribute to getting your blood one the move more effectively. That’s what we’ll look at with this entry around how to increase blood circulation.

In and Out

We will get to how to get better blood circulation, but let’s spend a little longer looking at the workings of it all first. Blood travels in and out of the heart, but it is loaded up when it leaves and depleted when it returns. We’re talking about oxygen, and there are 2 different forms of blood circulation in the human body. During pulmonary circulation blood gets loaded up with the needed oxygen once it has looped through the lungs, and then with systemic circulation the oxygenated blood moves through the system providing what the body needs.

Peripheral artery disease can be the cause of poor blood circulation, and especially in your legs. Where it becomes even more of a risk in relation to how to increase blood circulation is when a person has atherosclerosis at the same time. Circulation problems may also be connected to blood clots, and it is this factor that a medication like Eliquis is best suited for because it is an anti-coagulant designed for breaking up clots and allowing blood to move freely through arterial into and out of the heart.

You can also have impaired blood circulation and may have numbness in your extremities because of varicose veins. Women get varicose veins more often than men do and they can also be caused by being overweight. Diabetes and poor circulation are a common pair too, and especially if the person continues to fail to keep their blood sugar in check.

Diet for Blood Circulation

What you eat can factor into how well your blood circulates in your body, in much the same way that food choices play a role in so many different aspects of being in good overall health. If you need to know how to increase blood circulation you may want to consider adding more of certain foods to your diet and then reducing the amounts of other ones. Many people will already know that spicy foods tend to be good for your blood because of the capsaicin in the peppers that give the food the spiciness.

When you get it from your diet it promotes vasodilation and your blood vessels become expanded. This promotes better blood circulation, but the person will need to be getting capsaicin from their diet regularly to get these benefits. Cayenne pepper can be added to many different types of dishes and is an excellent source of capsaicin.

Other foods that make the list for how to increase blood circulation include:

  • Pomegranates – polyphenol antioxidants also promote vasodilation
  • Onions – flavonoid antioxidants promote better heart health
  • Cinnamon – also a vasodilator as well as promoting improved coronary artery flow
  • Garlic – sulfur compounds increase tissue blood flow
  • Fatty Fish – promote the release of nitric oxide for improved vasodilation
  • Beets – also loaded with nitrates for conversion into nitric oxide
  • Leafy greens – will also boost your body’s vasodilation abilities

If you need to learn more about how to increase blood circulation it is likely something your doctor will be happy to talk to you about.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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