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How to Apply Otomax Ointment for Dogs Ears

how to apply otomax ointment for dogs

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Hounds will always have ears that flop down, while other breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweilers will have their characteristic ears pointing straight up. Not every breed of dog is a keen swimmer either, but for the ones that are there is a chance they’ll get dog swimmer’s ear if they are swimming in lake water regularly. Everyone loves the lake in summer, and there’s no reason your pet shouldn’t either. If your dog get otitis externa – the clinical term for this infection – it’s going to be a bother, but using a pet antibiotic like Otomax can clear the infection quickly. So how to apply Otomax ointment for dogs?

This is a topical antibiotic for dogs, but it can be used for cats too and it is not just for treating dog swimmer’s ear. It can be used to treat that same type of bacterial infection in cats, although of course the chances your cat jumps into the lake with the same enthusiasm is pretty much nil. Unless they are cats that like to swim. Otomax is also a pet antifungal medication that can effectively treat another type of infection that is much more common in cats anyways. Candida are some of the hardiest bacteria around, and they’re the ones who are responsible for pet yeast infections.

Otomax is capable of knocking out those infections too and eliminating all the bad bugs causing them. You’re never going to stop bacteria in the sense of keeping them away, but fortunately we have antibiotics that knock out infections for pests the same way they do for us humans. Otomax for dogs ears, Otomax for cats ears, it doesn’t matter. This stuff puts an end to the infection fast so let’s get right to how to apply Otomax ointment for dogs.

Right at the Spot

There really isn’t much to actually applying this pet antibiotic ointment other than to say you apply it directly to the infection site. You may want to swab the site and get it clean before applying Otomax, but other than that you just follow the dosage amount shown in your prescription and apply them cream by squeezing the dispenser tube. If it is swimmer’s ear in dogs you are treating then the tube will come with an applicator tip that allows you to get right into the ear and to the source of the problem.

From there the antibiotic does its thing, and with that in mind along with how to apply Otomax ointment for dogs let’s think about how these super valuable medications got their start with the discovery of Penicillin in 1928, which is not long from being one hundred years ago now. The way penicillin paved the way for all antibiotic medications to follow has been hugely beneficial to the wellbeing of pet kind and human kind equally, and while we’re at it you might even be surprised to know that you can also get antibiotics for pet fish to prevent them getting infected.

Yep, infection stopping goodness for the entire pet world and Otomax for dogs ears is the proven way to get rid of this infection fast. We’ll mention as well that prompt treatment is also important, and that is especially true if you have other dogs in the home or if your dog is at the off leash dog park everyday. That’s because while ear infections in dogs are not spread by contact as easily as skin infections or infections in the mouth, it can still happen.

Do Your Part Too

We’ve covered all there is to say about how to apply Otomax ointment for dogs, so let’s now shift over and wrap things up by talking about what you can do to knock out a dog’s ear infection even more quickly. There are all sorts of stories about people who have seen a medication work more effectively when they supplement it some way, and that is possible to do with dog antibiotics too and with Otomax for dogs ears. Zymox is available without a prescription, and while it is usually to treat ear yeast infections in dogs it can also be added to Otomax to increase the effectiveness of the Rx med.

A Domeboro solution may also be a good astringent to begin clearing the ear of buildup that may occur as your dog or cat starts to get past the infection too. Some people also report that spraying witch hazel onto the site of the infection where you’re applying Otomax can be helpful too. You’re now entirely in the know about how to apply Otomax ointment for dogs, and you may know more about how to speed up the bacteria elimination process too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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