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How Much is Trulicity Without Insurance?

How Much is Trulicity Without Insurance?

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Anytime you use the word fortune literally you need to be talking about a bank account balance that has a longer string of digits than you have ever seen before. Millionaires, billionaires, and the like and it is these people who never fret in the slightest when it comes to needing to buy absolutely anything. But for the rest of us when we say something costs a ‘fortune’ it is a much more figurative than literal term, and sometimes it costs a fortune to get a prescription filled in the USA. This leads to how much is Trulicity without insurance.  

It is a valid question. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of Type 2 diabetics who don’t have extended health insurance through their provider and need to be paying OOP for the entirety of what their prescription costs. That acronym stands for out-of-pocket in case you didn’t know, and the wallets in those pockets aren’t sourced by a fortune by any means. Add to that the fact that you can’t just simply choose not to take your meds if you are a healthier Type 2 diabetic but in something of a bind with paying for your meds.  

Numbers always do wonders for reinforcing any statement related to how expensive something is. Same goes for how much is Trulicity without insurance. 4 of the 1.5mg / 0.5mg pens will cost you just under $900 if you’re paying OOP at most storefront pharmacies in the USA. The only way that’s not expensive is if you legitimately have a fortune, and for most people it is just plain and simple going to be a lot of money. So much for any type of agreeable answer for what is the cost of Trulicity.  

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Here’s the part where we tell you that it is still possible to afford your medication without making decisions about what you can and cannot afford. It is possible for US resident to have their prescriptions filled online with online pharmacies in Canada, and the reason thousands of Americans do that is because they can get medication like Trulicity for Type 2 diabetes treatment. Need way less than $850 to be what is affordable for you when it comes to how much is Trulicity without insurance? You need to look North to Canada.  

Every time Trulicity is in stock at a Canadian pharmacy you will be paying hundreds less than the $850 USD price for the carton of 4 pens. And if you are able to get your Trulicity prescription with refills included then that is even more ideal as we will be able to dispense your refills too and continue to provide you with a lower price on Trulicity.  

This is the best option for anyone who’s been taking Trulicity for a long time, and it is equally advisable for people who are new to having diabetes and have their doctor suggesting they start on Trulicity. How much does Trulicity cost without insurance? Significantly less when ordered from a Canadian online pharmacy. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for your pet. See your veterinarian for medical advice and treatment for your pet if you have any concerns.

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