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How Much Acepromazine Will Kill a Dog

how much acepromazine will kill a dog

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People will be fine with walking if they’re staying close to home, but any time that travelling further than that is required you’re likely going to be using some form of motorized transport. Some people can read a book while riding the bus but for others that would make them quite ill. We’re talking about here is motion sickness, and if you are the type of person to get it then there’s really no avoiding it. Turns out it is the same for animals, and some dogs will do way better with travelling in the car than others. Acepromazine is an effective pet motion sickness medication, but you need to be careful with it. How much Acepromazine will kill a dog?

There is no specific amount to answer that question with, but ask a veterinarian and they will tell you that you’d have to give a LOT of it to your dog to have a bad outcome to this extent. Can Acepromazine kill a dog? Yes, it can but it’s very unlikely this would ever happen unless the owner was extremely negligent and foolish in giving their dog a very large amount of this pet motion sickness medication all at once. The risk is in the fact that one of the possible side effects from Acepromazine use is the possibility of reduced respiratory rate. If that rate goes too low then a fatality from medication use becomes a real risk.

For most dogs this won’t be a risk, but there are some breeds that are more likely to be sensitive to Acepromazine. If your dog is a bulldog, boxer, pug, collie, or Australian shepherd then using Acepromazine for dog motion sickness treatment may not be a good idea. There can be other dog breeds that this might apply to as well, so using Acepromazine is something you’ll want to discuss with a vet before you have your pet start on it.

We’ll look at how much Acepromazine will kill a dog in more detail here, plus talk about what might help with dogs motion sickness relief if this medication isn’t something your pet can take for whatever reason.

Same for Pooches

Motion sickness happens for dogs in the same way it does for humans, although not everyone gets motion sickness. For those that do – human or animals – they physiological equation that leads to motion sickness is the same. It happens when there is miscommunication between the eyes, inner ear, and the brain and the overload of signals leads to a lot of ‘crosstalk’ between the three of them. There’s more to how motion sickness works and it is something that dog owners will likely to be aware of if rides in the car aren’t enjoyable for your dog because of this exact reason.

Acepromazine is actually a sedative / tranquilizer drug, and while it does work for pet motion sickness it was originally designed to be a medication that vets could use before surgery so that the animal is sedated. Obviously the dosage that will be specified for a dog experiencing motion sickness is going to be much lower, but owners will still want to know how much Acepromazine will kill a dog. The amount required for pre-surgery sedation might put some dogs at risk, but no dog owner is ever going to be administering that quantity of the medication.

In fact, it’s nearly impossible that they would even ever be in possession of that much of it to begin with. A pharmacist is only going to dispense the amount of medication indicated in the prescription, and that’s going to be true for Acepromazine or Stugeron – the most common Rx motion sickness medication for humans.

Treatment Alternatives

How much Acepromazine will kill a dog? Let’s just say it would be a LOT and you’d have difficulty getting your hands on that much of it anyways. If your dog is one of the breeds we talked about earlier you may want to err on the side of caution and not give them the medication. But the best advice we’d have you if you have concerns around can Acepromazine then you should speak with a vet and tell them your dog’s breed and any other health issues they might be dealing with.

If you can’t give your dog the medication and you still want to minimize their motion sickness, there are a couple of things you can try. When a dog has a less full stomach often their motion sickness won’t be as bad, so if you know your dog is going to be in a vehicle or on a plane you may want to feed them less before departure time. Another one that may be more agreeable for them is to give them a small piece of sugary candy before the trip. This reduces nausea but you need to make sure it does NOT contain Xylitol. Nothing to do with how much Acepromazine will kill a dog, but good information to have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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