Lamictal for Seizure and Mood Control

does lamictal work right away

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It’s fine to like being the center of attention, as long as you’re getting the attention for the right reasons. A person who is managing epilepsy is going to rely on their medication to make sure they’re not the center of attention for the wrong reasons because of a seizure as often as possible. It is very unfortunate that epileptics have to deal with what they do, but fortunately epilepsy medications like Lamictal are very effective for reducing the severity and frequency of seizures. Some people will wonder, ‘does Lamictal work right away’?

That depends on what type of Lamictal we’re talking about. Lamictal immediate release (Lamictal OTD) can be used to treat a seizure as it’s occurring, although it will take some time to take effect. Most epileptics who use this medication take Lamictal XR, with the XR standing for extended release and making it more of an epilepsy maintenance medication. The main difference for patients between the two is that Lamictal XR is only for ages 13 and up, so it won’t be an options as an epilepsy medication for children or pre-teens.

We’re also fortunate to be living in a time of much greater sensibility and reasonableness – in ancient Greece many people thought that epileptics were being visited by demons or punished for sins when they had seizures, and some of them were shunned as a result of it. Science and medicine have certainly contributed to a more civil society. The Ancient Greeks may have been way too out there with that theory, but they did know that fasting reduced epileptic seizures long before modern medicine did.

Let’s look at how Lamictal works and a little more on living with epilepsy, plus does Lamictal work right away.

Reign In Amino Acids

Lamictal works by stabilizing nerve membranes and limiting the release of excitatory amino acids that work to trigger the onset of a seizure. Immediate-release Lamictal is different in that it is available in a chewable tablet that people managing epilepsy can have with them at all times in case a seizure onset occurs. It is most often indicated for partial-onset seizures though, so those who are prone to full-onset ones may need to use Lamictal XR and the possibility of other medications too.

In the future that may be with a certain chemical from the cannabis plant. It’s increasingly legal across the US, and it’s medicinal properties have been spoken of for decades even while it was still illegal. CBD is very different from THC in that it is a non -psychoactive part of the plant so you can take it without getting ‘high’ and CBD has been identified for treatment for two types of epilepsy. Considering this a natural substance with the potential to be abundantly available it will be interesting to see if more research is made into CBD for epilepsy treatment.

Does Lamictal work right away? Only if you’re taking immediate-release Lamictal. More doctors will prescribe Lamictal XR because a more preventative approach is better for seizures. Topamax is another epilepsy medication that is especially good for people with certain variants of the condition.

Mood Moderator

Some of the people asking does Lamictal work right away may not have epilepsy at all. Lamictal is primarily an epilepsy treatment medication, but it can also be used to stabilize mood for bipolar disorder patients. In some instances it may used for mood improvements for depressed people. Severe depression occurs for women more often than men, and one thing to know if you’re a woman taking Lamictal to balance mood with medication is that it can interfere with some hormonal birth control medications. Definitely something to be aware of if you’re young and being smart about family planning.

Lamictal and alcohol consumption is also something you want to be careful about, as anything beyond light and moderate drinking can create an interaction risk with the medication.

For younger people with epilepsy the question of does Lamictal work right is invalid, as it is not for people under the age of 13. However, one of the primary concerns for parents of children with epilepsy will be the connection between epilepsy and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It’s estimated that around 30 to 40% of children with epilepsy will also experience ADHD.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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