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How to Save Money on Common Antidepressants

common antidepressants

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If blue is your favorite color then you might resent the fact it was the one chosen to be applied to feeling down. Feeling blue doesn’t necessarily mean you have depression, but if it persists day after day then you might want to consider seeing a doctor. And maybe make your favorite color cornflower blue or royal blue. Depression is very serious and unfortunately a lot of people don’t get help and suffer through it. Medication is often a huge blessing for people fighting depression. Common antidepressants include Effexor and Lexapro, and if you’re wondering what is the most commonly prescribed antidepressant it’s definitely Prozac.

Now speaking of colors there are many people who believe that individual colors have their own inherent energy values, and that yellow is the one that shares happiness, clarity, and energy and that being exposed to a lot of yellow can actually make you feel better. It’s all part of how color can affect mood and mental health, and if it has you thinking about painting your entire bedroom yellow well then maybe that’s just what you should do! Check with your significant other before doing that of course, but sometimes you need to be really open-minded about what you can do to help with depression.

We’re going to look at a few of these common antidepressant drugs here and what might make them a better fit for certain people, and we’ll also share some tips about other self-therapy approaches to managing depression and at least one of them is going to be a suggestion you almost certainly won’t have heard of before. If there are any common antidepressants we don’t mention here it’s because they’re ones that are more universally suitable for people, and that means they’re more likely to be one like Prozac that a doctor will prescribe for you.

And make sure that you start with the understanding that depression doesn’t have to be forever. Might take you a whole lot of yellow to stop feeling blue, but you’ll get there.

Which One’s Right for You?

That is of course a question only a doctor is able to answer, but among common antidepressants there are some that are going to be a better fit for certain people. We won’t go on at length about how antidepressants work, but long story short they make sure that your brain holds on to more of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to make you feel better. That’s exactly what they do, and that’s why antidepressants are effective for so many people. But some common antidepressants have very strong side effects, and those side effects are more problematic for some people than others.

Many of them affect sexual health, and in particular for men with causing some level of sexual dysfunction. Most men do not have this side effect, but some do experience problems. Wellbutrin is among the common antidepressants too, and one of the good things about it is that it is well known for not causing these same sexual dysfunction side effects. People who have insomnia caused by depression may want to use Remeron as it is naturally sedating and it is antidepressant that helps you sleep. If you do though be aware that Remeron is also known to be a strong appetite stimulant and it may lead to weight gain if you cannot control your compulsion to eat.

Paxil and Effexor are also among common antidepressants that will be prescribed for people, and Paxil is very highly regarded as a depression medication that tends to work well for nearly everyone, but keep in mind that both of these effective antidepressants may cause the strongest drug withdrawal symptoms once you’re able to get yourself off the medication after overcoming depression.

Natural Aids

It’s well known that one of the best natural ways to beat depression is to get moving, and by that we mean REALLY moving. Physical exercise does wonders for mental health, and especially if you’re able to get sunshine and fresh air at the same time. Getting more exercise is a way to make antidepressants more effective for you, and another good idea is to clean up your diet. And maybe serving your healthier meals on a yellow plate on a yellow placemat? In all seriousness though, even if you can just get in a brisk 1 hour walk three times a week you might find that you’re feeling a whole lot better.

And here’s an outside-the-box suggestion for improving mood and mental health – take up percussion! Playing drums or any type of percussive instrument is extremely rewarding and while it has absolutely nothing to do with common antidepressants you may well find that the physical nature of the instrument and hearing it contribute to music is really therapeutic!

Yellow drum set maybe? Blue’s fine too if that is your favorite color.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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