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Can You Develop Asthma After Covid

can you develop asthma

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Anyone who didn’t know what a ventilator was will definitely know now after watching the news to any extent over the last 2+ years. Millions of people around the world were infected with COVID, but as is always the case some people were affected much worse by it because of pre-existing medical conditions. These people had extreme breathing difficulties because of the infection and couldn’t breathe on their own. When we think about having difficulty breathing we’ll think of people with asthma, but they don’t have it as bad as some COVID sufferers did. But can you develop asthma after COVID?

It’s a good question to ask. It won’t take a doctor to know that having asthma before you contracted the COVID virus is going to increase your health risk from it in a big way. But what about if you had some sort of compromised lung function before / after that? Does that mean having COVID could cause you to become asthmatic? Allergy and clinical immunology research hash shown that being asthmatic does worsen COVID-19 case outcomes, but only in a big way for people who don’t have their asthma under control. For people with well-controlled asthma they are usually able to get past the virus the same way everyone else does.

The good news is for people who allergic asthma, as apparently this is much less of a factor in having a bad case of COVID. Might not be much consolation for a person’s who’s just getting over COVID in the springtime and having to deal with rising pollen counts, but it is always good to know you’re likely to fully recover from COVID. We’ll look more at can you develop asthma from COVID here, as well as seeing if there’s any connection between having asthma and long COVID. That may be where people are really most concerned around this subject.

Long D Word

Whether having COVID or long COVID is connected to develop asthma will be related to dysautonomia. It is not the at the root of asthma like inflammation and the body’s immune system is, but it factors in a different way and researchers have already determined that dysautonomia has is a key contributor to Long Covid. There is some reason to believe the biggest reason some people recover from COVID and are fine while others have ongoing problems is because of having this condition where there is miscommunication between the autonomic nerve system and the rest of the body.

Many people with Long Covid symptoms may have them because they’ve had some degree of dysautonomia and not been aware of it until now. But will those long Covid symptoms include the breathing difficulties that come with asthma, and can you develop asthma from Covid of either type? If we dig deeper into the realities of COVID-19 lung damage, we will see that it can cause COVID-19 pneumonia, COVID bronchitis, and even acute respiratory distress syndrome where a person may have lung failure to the point that they need to go back onto a ventilator again.

That’s it though. Can you develop asthma from COVID? No, you can’t get asthma from COVID. You may get pneumonia or bronchitis from it and some people get Sepsis in the lungs when they have long COVID too. If you’re already asthmatic your asthma may become worse because of COVID but you won’t develop it for the first time because you were infected by the most notorious virus since the Spanish Flue, which interestingly enough made its arrival just slightly more than 100 years before COVID did.

Asthma Physiology Risk

Gone on enough here about can you develop asthma after COVID, and by this point you can be resting more assured that’s not a possibility if you are going through it right now. Again, the problem really is more in situations where a person is already asthmatic and then gets COVID and is not able to weather the physiological storm as well as others. As mentioned earlier research has found that people who are managing asthma well are considerably less at risk, but people who have asthma and are not doing well with will managing it may want to be much more on their toes about avoiding COVID as best they can.

We’ll wrap up this look at can you develop asthma after COVID by sharing some good news with asthmatics. There was another study that showed that people with asthma became up to 15% better about taking their medication exactly as they should once the pandemic started and they knew their condition might be putting them in more danger if they got the virus.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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