Treatment Methods for Bladder Infections

bladder infection treatment

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A balloon can only expand so much before it pops. Fortunately, that’s not a risk with any of your internal organs, although spleens have been known to rupture but not because they’ve gotten too big. Your bladder is a much bigger deal, and when it gets too full you simply empty it. You know what that involves, so we won’t talk about that anymore, but a bladder infection can mean the urge is there but the flow is not. There are other symptoms too, and that’s what we’re going to look at along with what an effective bladder infection treatment will involve. Levaquin is a medication often used in them.

Cystitis is the clinical term for a bladder infection may be a urinary tract infection, or UTI as it is often shortened to. Infections here are almost always caused by bacteria, but it is also possible to have a bladder yeast infection. The infection causes bladder inflammation and when you understand that this very expandable organ becomes inflamed it makes sense that it can result in pain when you urinate and that urgency we talked about earlier, but with very little actually making its way out. Another of the signs of a bladder infection is pain, and some people mistake it to be back pain.

Women tend to get urinary tract and bladder infections more often than men do, and if blood or cloudiness is seen in urine that is a sign to see a doctor and likely start on a bladder infection treatment. Detrol is an effective overactive bladder treatment medication that may also be used as part of a bladder infection treatment if the patient also has problems with frequent urges or mild incontinency.

About Lengths

A shorter distance makes it easier for whatever it is to get to wherever it’s going. That will have nothing to do with a bladder infection treatment but part of why women get bacterial bladder infections more often than men do is because they have a shorter urethra, and bacteria that enter the body at that point don’t need to travel that far while staying stable enough to cause the infection. Another consideration for women is their birth control medication. Women who use an IUD method of birth control will like that they don’t need to be taking medication every day, but IUDs can increase the chance of infection.

Women who are going through menopause are also more likely to need a bladder infection treatment, and that’s because their declining estrogen levels during this time. Less of that important hormone means the urinary tract is more hospitable for the bacteria, but again taking the proper antibiotic for bladder infection will usually knock it out and restore normalcy to that half of the elimination process. On the other side of fertility interests it is also more likely for women who are pregnant to get bladder infections. These ones will also have an increased chance of becoming kidney infections too.

Children and toddlers can get bladder infections easily too, and in many of these instances it is not as easy to identify signs for the parents. Though it is something that is not pleasant to talk about, the most common cause of bladder infections is stools, and the fact is that young children are often not as hygienic in the bathroom a lot of the time. Boys who are uncircumcised are more at risk of needing a bladder infection treatment, but a quick course of treatment with Levaquin will usually do.

Ethnicity Too

Another interesting fact about these types of infections is that Caucasian people are much more likely to get them as compared to people of other races. This is fairly notable for people in North America, with the estimate being that a Caucasian is around 4x as likely to get a bladder infection than an African American. For some people bladder infection symptoms or UTI symptoms will also include fever, chills, nausea, or vomiting. If these are seen along with difficulties or irregularities when you visit the washroom, then it may be a sign you’ve got a bug making things go bad.

We will conclude here by talking about a natural treatment for bladder infection. Drinking a good amount of cranberry juice for bladder infection while taking medication as a bladder infection treatment can increase the effectiveness of it. Another option can be taking probiotics, as ones like lactobacilli can prevent other bacteria from growing and moving up from the bladder to the kidneys. This makes it good choice to prevent bladder infections for pregnant women. Either of these supplement approaches can be part of a bladder infection treatment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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