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Best Allergy Medication for Pollen and Children

best allergy medicine for pollen

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Every person with seasonal allergies is going to be tormented by pollen in the air that comes with springtime. Allergies usually last into the start of summer too, but once you get past the bloom you get to enjoy the summer like everyone else. So as much as you’re tormented, you need to tolerate it until flowers, plants and grass have done their pollenating. Tolerance comes much easier to adults than children, and so maybe finding the best allergy medicine for pollen is going to be more of a priority for parents. Allegra is an excellent children’s allergy medicine that provides effective allergy relief.

Which is plenty important, because kids tend to get hay fever or other seasonal allergies much worse than adults. There is a connection between a higher metabolism and the immune system dysfunction that is the cause of seasonal allergies. So without getting into too much scientific analysis, having a higher metabolic rate like you do in your youth means your allergy attacks are much more severe. That means itchier eyes, more sinus irritation, much more incessant sneezing, and just generally being more miserable.

The other unfortunate reality with pollen allergies is that you tend to inherit them from one of your parents. If either parent has hay fever, then there’s a better chance the kids will as well. And while that roaring metabolism of theirs does wonders for keeping them slim no matter what they eat, it also means their allergies are way worse. They need to have the best allergy medicine for pollen, and Allegra definitely makes the grade.

Kids always look to their parents to make things better, and of course there’s no parent that likes to see their kids suffering just for being outdoors like all the other kids. There’s other ways to manage seasonal allergies that can go along with a children’s allergy medicine, and we’ll look at those here.

Blasted Broom

It may sound too simple, but one of the best ways to have less severe seasonal allergies is to know the triggers and avoid them when possible. Yes, you can’t avoid pollen when it’s in the air and blowing around freely. But if you’re the parent of a child with hay fever you can get them to stay off a field of freshly cut grass in early June for example. Sometimes the best seasonal allergy solutions are to minimize to exposure to the allergens first, if possible.

Coming into contact with less of the pollen will mean a less intense allergy attack, and that can allow the kid to get better relief from the best allergy medicine for pollen. Now if we’re going to talk about avoid allergen triggers, we have to tell the story of Scotch Broom. This plant is absolutely deadly for people with hay fever, and when you come to learn that it was imported into North America it can be fairly infuriating for people who suffer with seasonal allergies every year.

Unfortunately this invasive plant is abundant all over North America now, and being near them will always trigger a massive allergy attack for most people with seasonal allergies. Once you know this plant with it’s distinctive yellow flowers you will want to keep kids with hay fever as far away from it as possible.

Home Allergy Remedies

Even the best allergy medicine for pollen won’t provide a kid or anyone else with 100% full relief from it. You should definitely have kids taking an effective antihistamine medication like Allegra, but you may also want to look into natural allergy relief options. It’s known that omega-3 fatty acids promote allergy resistance and if you’re not able to eat fresh fish regularly you can take it as a supplement. Vitamin C and the Quercetin in blackberries and some other berry fruits is good to moderate histamines in your body’s immune system.

Other people have said that their seasonal allergies diminished after cutting back on dairy, and there are other ways you eat differently to prevent springtime allergies. It’s in late spring and early summer when pollen counts are the highest, so it might be worth trying some of these tips in the months leading up to allergy season next year. If allergies run in your family, it might be good for more than one of you when used with the best allergy medicine for pollen from Canada Drugs Direct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above information is intended to increase awareness of health information and does not suggest treatment or diagnosis. This information is not a substitute for individual medical attention and should not be construed to indicate that use of the drug is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. See your health care professional for medical advice and treatment.

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